2009 Top Artists & Tracks [Listened]


5 Ene 2010, 13:03

1. Goldfrapp (462 plays)
2. Thievery Corporation (343 plays)
3. Bonobo (334 plays)
4. Johnny Cash (261 plays)
5. Quantic (250 plays)
6. Waldeck (239 plays)
7. The Herbaliser (237 plays)
8. De-Phazz (228 plays)
9. Alice Russell (225 plays)
10. Bob Dylan (221 plays)
11. Zero 7 (220 plays)
12. Air (215 plays)
13. 9 Lazy 9 (189 plays)
13. Les Nubians (189 plays)
15. Common (185 plays)
16. Groove Armada (176 plays)
17. 4hero (165 plays)
18. Dzihan & Kamien (163 plays)
19. Me'Shell Ndegéocello (162 plays)
19. Jazzanova (162 plays)
21. Sarah Vaughan (154 plays)
22. DJ Cam (153 plays)
22. Tom Waits (153 plays)
24. Nightmares on Wax (152 plays)
25. VFSix (151 plays)
25. Gorillaz (151 plays)
27. Amon Tobin (150 plays)
28. Moloko (149 plays)
29. Tosca (147 plays)
30. Talib Kweli (145 plays)
31. Mo' Horizons (140 plays)
31. The Quantic Soul Orchestra (140 plays)
33. Mr. Scruff (135 plays)
34. Wax Tailor (134 plays)
34. Erykah Badu (134 plays)
36. Blackalicious (130 plays)
37. Bebel Gilberto (129 plays)
38. Blockhead (128 plays)
39. Morcheeba (124 plays)
40. Michael Franti & Spearhead (121 plays)

1. Zero 7 - In the Waiting Line (29 plays)
2. Waldeck - Addicted (27 plays)
3. Thievery Corporation - Until the Morning (22 plays)
3. Clara Hill - Silent Distance (I:Cube Remix) (22 plays)
3. Smoke City - Underwater Love (22 plays)
3. VFSix - Say What You Want (22 plays)
3. Citizen Cope - Sideways (22 plays)
3. Bonobo - Pick Up (22 plays)
9. Koop - Come To Me (20 plays)
9. Moloko - Fun for Me (20 plays)
9. Jazzanova - Fedime's Flight (20 plays)
9. Waldeck - Memories (20 plays)
9. Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (20 plays)
9. Mr. Scruff - Get a Move On (20 plays)
15. Meitz - Can You Live (19 plays)
15. Sofa Surfers - Sofa Rockers (19 plays)
15. Asa - Jailer (19 plays)
18. VFSix feat. Pat Appleton - Highs And Lows (18 plays)
18. I Monster - Daydream In Blue (18 plays)
18. Slow Train - Naturally (18 plays)
18. The Dø - On My Shoulders (18 plays)
18. Jazzanova - Glow & Glare [Ame remix] (18 plays)
18. FC/Kahuna - Hayling (18 plays)
18. Dzihan & Kamien - Homebase (18 plays)
25. VFSix feat. Pat Appleton - chances (17 plays)
25. Rupa & The April Fishes - Maintenant (17 plays)
25. Waldeck - Why Did We Fire The Gun? (17 plays)
25. Goldfrapp - Utopia (17 plays)
25. Thievery Corporation - Holographic Universe (17 plays)
25. Mr. Scruff - Beyond (17 plays)
25. King Britt & Tim Motzer - Ramblas (Album Version) (17 plays)
25. Alice Russell - Mean to Me (17 plays)
25. VFSix - VF'project (17 plays)
25. Wax Tailor - I Don't Know (17 plays)
35. Alice Russell - Someday (16 plays)
35. Goldfrapp - Pilots (16 plays)
35. The Herbaliser - The Sensual Woman (16 plays)
35. Goldfrapp - Yes Sir (16 plays)
35. Goldfrapp - Utopia (New Ears Mix) (16 plays)
35. Télépopmusik - Breathe (16 plays)
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