• Weird Tales 2011

    20 Nov 2011, 19:29

    Fri 18 Nov – The Mob, Zounds, The Astronauts, Rubella Ballet, The Hamsters, Andy T, Idiot Strength
    One of those nights which grew and grew - old friends greeting each other, possibly to the detriment of the first bands, a buzz growing, random energies leading to some of the strangest moshing I've ever seen to the newly revitalised Astronauts, then a colourful and frenetic Rubella Ballet set.
    Zounds had the songs and the relevance to get the gathering bouncing - 30 years on and songs about riots, inequality, thinking for yourself and anti fascism as vital as ever. They even had the joy of a stage jumper who'd journeyed from Singapore for the gig (others from Bulgaria I believe - 'the Tribe increased'...)
    ...A two room, alternating thing happened to try to fit everything in before dawn (well, midnight) ...but that really wasn'yt going to happen - valiantly tho', The reformed Mob (2 gigs strong or so) hit the stage at 11:40pm and transfixed the room - a really full sound, historic stage projections, all the classics from Gates of Hell onwards - and a very sweaty, happy, multigenerational crowd....Weird Tales 2011 lived up to all expectations..and more.