Annoying crap


26 Jun 2006, 22:51

Most annoying crap ever:

1) Children of Bodom
2) Opeth
3) In Flames
4) Arch Enemy
5) Acid Bath

I tried, but I can't stand a minute of their bullshit they call metal. It's lame, soft, poser-ish etc.
And all the mallcore kids think they're metal too for wearing their CoB hoodies to school. Seriously they're the next Slipknot.



  • duffeknol

    sorry sweets :C

    27 Jun 2006, 15:16
  • tremere

    hey for once i agree with you only you did miss a few bands

    29 Jun 2006, 12:24
  • duffeknol

    which ones?

    29 Jun 2006, 19:28
  • tremere

    dimmu borgir cradle of filth blind guardian iced earth demons and wizzards (i know its a crossover from blind guardian and iced earth but this sucks even more)

    29 Jun 2006, 21:07
  • duffeknol

    I don't mind power metal much, but true, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth and D&W are HUGELY overrated. And Dimmu's old stuff sucks, I don't even hate the new stuff. I listen to it whenever I DON'T want to hear metal. CoF is just gay.

    29 Jun 2006, 21:29
  • tremere

    yeah there are every time i hear them i want to chrash the boxes, if you hate blind guardian much youre welcome to join the anti blind guardian group :P

    30 Jun 2006, 9:54
  • duffeknol

    meh, I don't like them at all, but hate is too big of a word. You'll just get my support from the side line.

    30 Jun 2006, 16:08
  • tremere

    hehe fans are also good :P well keep on posting in the fuck bush group im really enjoying it :D

    30 Jun 2006, 19:10
  • duffeknol

    do remember, I AM pro Bush in fact. But in that group I'm just having random fun :P

    30 Jun 2006, 22:47
  • tremere

    yeah i know but its fun to read :D

    1 Jul 2006, 13:04
  • duffeknol

    it's because I rule

    1 Jul 2006, 16:10
  • tremere

    haha you are making me laugh already :P

    1 Jul 2006, 19:56
  • notomato


    7 Jul 2006, 15:23
  • Juanoob

    Sure mainstream, but Opeth is still great in my opinion. I grew out of AE, they're commericalized shite now, at least now I see. The rest, I agree, easily. And what's up with everyone having cons on Weird Al.

    20 Jul 2006, 20:59
  • ClayAunkst

    Your aloud to have your own opinions, but yours aren't very thought out. Don't listen to any 2000-2006 releases of any of those artists. Try CoB - Hatebreeder (Actually composed well), In Flames - Whoracle, or Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin. And by the way, don't complain about a band being 'posers' when you have Limp Bizkit on your artists.

    21 Jul 2006, 20:43
  • homeogenic

    Ha limp bizkit and pro bush?!? wtf? How disapointing!

    2 Ago 2006, 21:55
  • duffeknol

    just one song to fall asleep to ya twat. and lb are officially funny now, listening to them 45 years after the fad is lol

    2 Ago 2006, 23:38
  • duffeknol

    Acid Bath have 1 ok song I just found out,,,,,

    9 Sep 2006, 12:34
  • duffeknol

    okok Acid Bath takes a long time to get used to, I take it back, rest still stands

    10 Sep 2006, 22:45
  • Vihko

    Fuck you duffeknol! :D

    28 Sep 2006, 2:34
  • duffeknol

    I don't care that they're not metal, hell, check my charts. I just care that they suck. Hard.

    7 Oct 2006, 19:30
  • GenoXiDe


    8 Oct 2006, 4:13
  • duffeknol

    you have like, the most generic taste. Ever.

    8 Oct 2006, 16:21
  • GenoXiDe

    and its still better than yours xD

    8 Oct 2006, 17:12
  • GenoXiDe

    some of us arent bent on being different -_-

    8 Oct 2006, 17:13
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