Filip , 22, hombre, Serbia
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Aphex TwinXMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 mix] Hace 8 horas
Flying LotusNever Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesBronze-Level Store Loyalty Card Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesCheckout (Have a Nice Day) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 9 (Palm Leaves, Breezes, and Sunset Gradients) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 8 (Drink Specials, Warm Evenings, and Rooftop Views) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 7 (Sailboats, Forecasts, and Room Keys) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 6 (Memories, Regrets, and Wishes) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesInterlude (Lost in the Freezer Section) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 5 (Moonlight, Urban Skylines, and Rapid Eye Movement) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 4 (Hairstyles, Power-Ups, and Magnetic Tape) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 3 (Summits, Clouds, and Greener Grass) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 2 (Parallel Lines, Oscillating Fans, and Public-Access Broadcasting) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesAisle 1 (Earth Tones, Rectangles and Fake Plants) Hace 8 horas
식료품groceriesIntrance (Realities) Hace 8 horas
SEPHORA脳バイブスBeauty Sleep (Another Day) Hace 9 horas
SEPHORA脳バイブスRichard (A Wonderful Night) Hace 9 horas
SEPHORA脳バイブスSlap (I'm Sorry. I Love You) Hace 9 horas
SEPHORA脳バイブスCall Me Now ~ (504-DESIRE) Hace 9 horas
SEPHORA脳バイブスGorgeous (Shine Them) Hace 9 horas
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  • mantisie

    kind of :) entrancing stuff

    16 Sep 18:05 Responder
  • mantisie

    long time no speak, buddie^^ and dis is one hell of an avatar!

    16 Sep 6:04 Responder
  • urfuturehusband

    /mu/ ?

    15 Sep 9:37 Responder
  • kijul

    hhh dunia maya memang. telepath ama virtual sih menurut ane

    14 Sep 17:43 Responder
  • kijul

    surem u kok bisa bahasa indon? hhh

    13 Sep 18:42 Responder
  • kijul

    yea man, Serborwave

    12 Sep 18:11 Responder
  • lennford

    How can one man be so based. Thank you!

    28 Ago 20:49 Responder
  • lennford

    hey do you have a link for Donovan Hikaru m8?

    25 Ago 19:57 Responder
  • anticlimactica

    thank you! :)

    22 Ago 18:45 Responder
  • Happy-Knight

    Thanks you too...with that eerie jiggly jellyfish avatar..

    10 Ago 18:01 Responder
  • Happy-Knight

    I look into your avatar a lot what in the honest hell is it? It really freaks me out...and we got similar taste...nice nice..

    6 Ago 14:49 Responder
  • Skurk-

    mmm my vapnigga

    6 Ago 0:47 Responder
  • Flemenga

    salaamadamasnazzy. vapor is good for you and me. and remember, eating breakfast for dinner makes you a winner.

    4 Ago 14:14 Responder
  • TruffleDucky

    is that cotton candy over a dancing skeleton?

    20 Jul 22:16 Responder
  • mantisie

    yay, captain was awesome! need to give it a listen again. i'm into uk rave and garage at the mo but it's sad cos it's obviously dead (and all under one roof raving by jamie xx is a RIP kinda thing) hope it's just me and in reality it all gonna work^^ and also minimal synth! the more i dig it the better it gets, i came around some real diamonds over past two years. how 'bout u, my daring friend?

    19 Jul 5:01 Responder
  • mantisie

    now that was simply rude^^ i didn't comment on radiohead being yr top, right? besides most of my artists are carefully handpicked cos there are just this many sounds that bring me pure joy. but indeed... one man's treasure is another man's "shit indie stuff" *sigh*

    19 Jul 4:53 Responder
  • mantisie

    flylo is yr top artist tho^^ d'u like his captain murphy?

    17 Jul 19:02 Responder
  • mantisie

    and bitch please, i have more artists in my library so my music taste is kinda more diverse than yours anyway :P

    17 Jul 18:37 Responder
  • mantisie

    man, i actually DID let you know in that comment below 0_o awkward

    17 Jul 18:33 Responder
  • mantisie

    you don't say :P yummi, gotta love that stuff, just pre-ordered XOUL btw, blesssed

    16 Jul 19:02 Responder
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