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  • jennica_med_c

    Never heard of those swedish bands you mentioned, haha. The bands and artists that get all the attention over here are hipster bands unfortunately, they have to be liked by a certain group of people to be accepted, sort of. I do love The Skids though - like I love almost all old 70s punk bands from the UK :D

    31 Ago 12:57 Responder
  • musmortwin

    You are wise to not waste your time with it, it is all rather dull. As long as we have music, our lives are rich!

    23 Ago 23:29 Responder
  • jennica_med_c

    Yeah, he died a few years ago, right? That's what I'm saying.. all the greats are gone, and now Robin Williams as well, that was a shocker :O Ahaha aah naw, not really.. not a big ABBA fan, but I guess, as a swede, they do get played anyway. Just as a nice gesture, haha. And because of childhood nostalgia, sort of. That's not necessarily a bad thing though :P Yeah my taste is all over as well.. best thing is just having your entire library at random the whole night, haha :D

    23 Ago 22:23 Responder
  • MapOfMyHead

    Thanks! I feel like home at your page - very good taste in music)

    23 Ago 0:43 Responder
  • musmortwin

    There are some doubts about his citizenship too, coincidently, he was born in England, and doesn't appear to have renounced his citizenship, which he was required to do to enter federal politics. Deportation, I say!

    22 Ago 21:00 Responder
  • musmortwin

    BTW mate, I thought I should apologise for our Prime Minister. He's a complete Tory moron, and the whole country is shaking it's head at his stupidity. We are hoping we can get rid of him soon. I'm sure you'd love to have him come stay with you!

    22 Ago 20:57 Responder
  • jennica_med_c

    Well, Gerry's scottish too, isn't he? Although.. that doesn't mean I like anything SWEDISH though, haha.. I love post punk and punk, but there's quite a bit of old reggae, classic hard rock and old motown going down here too. Life's too short to limit yourself to only one or two genres you know :D

    22 Ago 14:06 Responder
  • musmortwin

    The Passions - Skin Deep....classic!

    19 Ago 23:52 Responder
  • jennica_med_c

    Oh, I'm just JEALOUS now.. I wonder if I'll EVER see ANY of my favourite bands.. seeing as most of my favourite musicians are either dead or too old :( Love your taste, loads of post-punk!

    19 Ago 21:31 Responder
  • jennica_med_c

    And luckily, you've got GREAT music to entertain yourselves with - love you listening to The Chameleons btw, one of the most underrated bands ever :)

    18 Ago 19:10 Responder
  • joey_sweet

    Pleasure is mine dude, pleasure is mine. I'm glad to have a post-punk master like you among my friends. Your top10 artists chart is fuckin' beautiful. I'm always looking forward to meet people like you, people to learn from. Especially if they're from Scotland. All my respect.

    17 Ago 16:55 Responder
  • jennica_med_c

    You're welcome! It never rains but it pours, especially in Scotland.. right? :D

    17 Ago 14:11 Responder
  • thisisobvious

    Hey - Thanks for the link! I have seen that documentary; very moving.

    12 Ago 20:19 Responder
  • mondojohnny

    Whoa! I do like this! Thanks man!

    12 Ago 16:18 Responder
  • SewJools

    Nice that you can appreciate your paranoia... mine is still too up close and personal for me deal with so I just put it behind me :-D.......don't think about it, ever.........so Spain huh? never been but maybe one day....

    4 Ago 19:24 Responder
  • mondojohnny

    Not exactly... I guess I just really like laser sounds... and robot voices... and triple clapping...

    4 Ago 15:10 Responder
  • mondojohnny

    Hey no problemo partner! Who could turn away from a playlist like that!?

    1 Ago 17:24 Responder
  • rumcajz

    No. I just use his photo :D

    29 Jul 21:23 Responder
  • Hellraiser917

    Thats me back doon the ferry man hud tae get a lift fae ma ma! Was at yur door a couple ay times earlier but yae wurnae in, let me know what time yur coming doon the morn fur the dugs stuff, dinnae make it too early man am bevvyin.. hope yae hud a gid hoaliday man yae can tell me awe aboot it the nixt time yur doon, cheers man

    6 Jul 21:07 Responder
  • TheNew1994

    yeah. they've been a favorite of mine for years, though i haven't really allowed myself to listen to them recently.

    24 May 2:28 Responder
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Always favoured the underdog.

How the f**k did i reach 40 !!?

A dour faced ba***rd!! If i smiled. My face would crack!! : )

A pessimist is never disappointed!! : )

The friendship system on lastfm is a f**king joke !!

( Edinburgh )

This is a city of
shifting light,
of changing skies,of
sudden vistas

A city so beautiful
It breaks the heart
again and again.

Author: Alexander McCall Smith.