Top Twenty Survey.


18 Mar 2008, 0:46

First song you heard:
Favourite song:
Favourite album:

For Top 20 artists!

1. Christina Aguilera
First song you heard: Genie In A Bottle
Favourite song: Um...I'd probably have to say Walk Away.
Favourite album: Stripped.
Accuracy: Hm, not sure if she should be first, but definitely in the top five.

2. Incubus
First song you heard: Drive, maybe. Not sure.
Favourite song: Wow, so hard. Right now I'll go with 11 AM.
Favourite album: Also hard because I honestly love them all. I'll pick Make Yourself.
Accuracy: This is a pretty good spot for them. Like I said I love all of their albums, so they get a lot of plays.

3. Britney Spears
First song you heard: I'm sure it had to be ...Baby One More Time, although I don't remember. Let's just say I've never been very fond of that song.
Favourite song: Piece of Me.
Favourite album: In The Zone. Or Blackout. Can't decide.
Accuracy: I think she should be lower, but in the top ten or so. It's a little embarrassing to have her this high. She's only this high because one day I decided to listen to all of her albums one day. Also, I've only really listened to her since she's been crazy, haha. Don't know why.

4. The Mars Volta
First song you heard: Inertiatic ESP
Favourite song: I honestly can't choose between Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus and Eriatarka.
Favourite album: Deloused in the Comatorium.
Accuracy: They should be higher than Britney, that's for damn sure. Maybe even at the top. I love everything about them.

5. The Beatles
First song you heard: I'm not sure, but I think Come Together was the first song I vividly remember hearing.
Favourite song: Wow, that is so impossible. Right now, I'd have to say I Want You (She's So Heavy).
Favourite album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. But it's so hard to choose.
Accuracy: Five is nice for them I think.

6. Deftones
First song you heard: Change (In the House of Flies). This song marked the time when I really started to get into rock music.
Favourite song: I'd probably go with that one. It still gives me chills when I hear it.
Favourite album: Adrenaline.
Accuracy: Also a good spot for them.

7. Kanye West
First song you heard: Haha, I think it was The New Workout Plan. Either that or Jesus Walks.
Favourite song: All Falls Down & We Major.
Favourite album: Late Registration.
Accuracy: 100%

8. Sneaker Pimps
First song you heard: Six Underground.
Favourite song: Half Life.
Favourite album: Splinter.
Accuracy: Once again, 100% accurate.

9. M.I.A.
First song you heard: Galang.
Favourite song: I'm going to be cliche and say Paper Planes, because it's still my jam.
Favourite album: Arular.
Accuracy: She should be a little lower. I'd say in the top twenty. I don't listen to her that much.

10. Nine Inch Nails
First song you heard: Closer, probably.
Favourite song: Something I Can Never Have.
Favourite album: The Fragile.
Accuracy: Just a tad lower.

11. Evanescence
First song you heard: Bring Me To Life.
Favourite song: Imaginary.
Favourite album: Origin.
Accuracy: Lower, lower, lower! I don't even listen to them anymore.

12. Aaliyah (RIP)
First song you heard: One in a Million.
Favourite song: It's a tie between I Care 4 U and More Than A Woman.
Favourite album: Aaliyah. But it's the only album of hers I have heard in its entirety.
Accuracy: She should be higher once I get more of her music. She's doing pretty good for only having one album in my iTunes Library.

13. Massive Attack
First song you heard: Teardrop.
Favourite song: Unfinished Sympathy.
Favourite album: Mezzanine.
Accuracy: A little lower because I don't really listen to them much.

14. Lupe Fiasco
First song you heard: Kick Push.
Favourite song: Streets On Fire.
Favourite album: The Cool, but I need to listen to his other album.
Accuracy: He should be getting higher, so no worries.

15. Sigur Ros
First song you heard: Glosoli.
Favourite song: Myrkur.
Favourite album: Von.
Accuracy: Good spot.

16. Radiohead
First song you heard: Not sure, maybe Idioteque.
Favourite song: Paranoid Android.
Favourite album: Ok Computer.
Accuracy: Well, this reminds me that I need the rest of their albums. They should be higher.

17. Madonna
First song you heard: I don't know.
Favourite song: Like A Prayer.
Favourite album: Confessions on a Dance Floor.
Accuracy: Lower. I don't like her that much; I just listened to a few albums to try to get into her more, but I think she's just okay.

18. Amy Winehouse
First song you heard: Rehab, which by the way is the only song of hers I dislike.
Favourite song: He Can Only Hold Her.
Favourite album: Back to Black.
Accuracy: She should be higher, probably even top ten.

19. Porcupine Tree
First song you heard: The Start of Something Beautiful.
Favourite song: Blackest Eyes.
Favourite album: In Absentia.
Accuracy: They should definitely be higher.

20. Mandy Moore
First song you heard: Candy.
Favourite song: Only Hope.
Favourite album: Wild Hope.
Accuracy: I didn't realize she had gotten this high since I only started listening to her in the past month or so. Yeah, her music is cute and all, but she should be lower.

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