• Infected Mushroom LIVE -- Oh wow.

    28 Dic 2007, 18:39

    Thu 27 Dec – Infected Mushroom

    Last night Infected Mushroom came to Santiago, Chile and kicked some serious ass. I didn't know what to expect. A simple DJ-set or a full-blown live act. But because the ticket prices were pretty high I was hoping to see some live instruments.

    Ah oh boy, did I got those. They had the whole set. Drums, 2 guitars, keyboards, turntables, mics etc. The whole shizzle.

    From the first stroke on the keyboard to the last spin on the turntables the audience was LOVING it. The dancefloor was full and the atmosphere was incredible. They really knew what they were doing and they rocked that stage. Never has electronic music sounded that good with live instruments. I am in awe. I would imagine myself fainting seeing pendulum pull off the same thing. Damn!

    They played a couple of classics with some new tunes, a good mix I would say. They also did 2 encores and AFTER the live set there was a 45min-1hour DJ set too. Wow.
    Excellent night to dance. I can't really feel my legs right now and the walk home was a reeeeaaal pain in the ass.
    There were a lot of people from israel watching the show ( they were yelling stuff in hebrew ) and that gave IM a nice boost I would imagine. That little extra something!

    On the downside the vocalist got a little pissed for people throwing water on the stage a couple of times. That's not cool.

    To sum it up - dance, dance, dance.

    Definitely a night to remember. Excellent gig.

    Infected Mushroom

  • Wu-Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams - review

    12 Dic 2007, 18:58


    This album is something I've been waiting for.. I dont know. 5 years? At least.

    Been listening to it for a couple of days now and I have to say it's not exactly what I was waiting for. But I am surprised positively.

    RZA has worked with a lot of new things on this one. The beats are a bit darker, monotonic and with different kind of elements than the previous productions.
    A lot of guitars and almost "rock like" riffs. They sometimes work but not everytime. For example on "Unpredictable" the riffs are a bit off for me. But what I do feel is RZA's ability to keep the theme going on on the whole album, he stays true to his (new-ish) style through-out the new album.

    The highlights of the album include softer songs like "the heart gently weeps" which is a sad story told by raekwon, ghostface and meth. I think. And the song is sampling an old Beatles tune, "While my guitar gently weeps". And from what I understood they have George Harrison's son doing the guitar parts. That's pretty nice.
    Also ODB r.i.p tune "life changes" is really touching. The wu-syndicate is getting real on the mic and it truely is a shame we lost this member of the wu-tang clan. ODB was for many a really ackward rapper who didnt make much sense but I liked him always and hey.. Who can hate shimmy shimmy ya?

    The album is missing all the "bangers", which wu-tang clan is really known for - but this didn't really bother me. But I can already see a lot of old wu-tang heads not liking the album because of that. And it is true. The album is lacking the "club tune" or the grimy, dark "in your face" type of song.

    But it still has some really good "old school" wu-tang clan, for example songs like "rushing elephants" and "wolves".

    Who shines the most from the 8? Method man. Raekwon. Ghostface, too. Although not as well as I hoped. I think he coming out with his own album ( at the same day of the wu album! ) took the sharpest wit from him.
    I hope this album means a new rise for one of my favorite rappers of all time, Method man.
    Johnny is indeed Blazin' on this album. I love it.

    Weakest tunes on the album so far seem to be "gun will go" and "unpredictable"

    Wu is back. No doubt. And RZA still has it. He has come a long way since "Enter.." but luckily in the right direction.

  • Snoop came and took Chile

    9 Dic 2007, 14:05

    Sat 8 Dec – Snoop Dogg

    Support act was ( to my personal surprise, since I didn't do any research on the support acts ) none other than B-real from the legendary Cypress Hill crew.
    B-real did 3-4 classical cypress tunes ( like dr. greenthumb, how I could just kill a man ) and the audience was really feeling it. Hell - I was really feeling it too! Cypress hill is a very important group for me and I've been listening to them a long time. And you really can't talk down on them - It's a synonym for weed hiphop. With snoop, too. Not a huge surprise to see them tour together heh.
    And it was a real crowd pleaser when b-real got really real and approached the chilean audience with spanish. It wasn't perfect ( and to my huge surprise the spanish was actually just as 'good' as mine - and he has mexican and cuban blood in him ) but still good and everybody went wild because of it. Nice move.

    Soundcheck in between the acts took a while though, and some of the people 'cooled down' a bit too much. But when Snoop Dogg walked into the stage, everybody just went straight out crazy again.

    First time in Chile, Snoop dogg really knew how to do it properly. He got the audience and really served us an hour long concert full of snoopisms and gangsta funk at its best. We got some old classics and some new club tunes, too. A big variety and I think it fits this legendary rapper perfectly.
    He is a pimp. No getting around it. He was so laid back and secure it was almost magical.
    People knew the lyrics ( not all of them, but a lot ) and the atmosphere was very touchable.

    good, solid concert and everybody loved it!

    Snoop Dogg

    Cypress Hill