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9 May 2009, 16:13

Farmer's Boulevard - Red Carpet
I think I don’t need to introduce Farmer’s Boulevard again because I wrote all about them in review for their “Still Four” (suggest you to read it before you read this) album. This one is their last material and it’s been released in 2006 (again, not very new…but as I said it before, if you didn’t hear it yet, it’s new). As the old one, this album is also not very long and it contains 11 songs plus “Outro”. Except advancement in their music, on this release they have one more additional guitar (they had only one before). Following the previously album, songs are again, mostly against media, about politics, about the “hardcore scene” etc…and if you like this band, you will probably like mostly all their songs. Comparing with “Still four”, “Red carpet” has different and better production, sound is more purely, and also, songs are slightly slower but still they have power and energy as they use to have it before. Cover and artwork is also better then before and this time is in red-white-black color, I don’t know what exactly is representing but band surely does. As I said it, they didn’t shifted a lot on this album and I don’t know what to say anymore because this is just the slightly better continuation of the past release and I’m expecting that next one will be even better.
And once again, don’t forget to listen this band, and don’t forget to check them in Pula on 29th of May, or in Koper on 30th of May.


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