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9 Sep 2010, 18:03

Wed 8 Sep – Modest Mouse, Yuck

Interesting venue, the Troxy, they seem to have made it quite nice and new, in contrast to most of the area it's situated in. Unfortunately, with venues like this, seems to now come the mass of security. I was seated in the circle and most of the seats to the sides were free, and everyone else was just sitting, watching the band. So, I can only presume that the reason all these security people were standing constantly at the top of the stairs, and other, beefier guys walking around, was to make us feel uncomfortable and awkward whilst we quietly watch one of our favourite bands perform. I understand that they may need one or two people discreetly watching the crowd in the moshpit, to make sure that they can help in the rare cases of a fight emerging or someone fainting etc., but for the tiny seated crowd?

To get back to the nature of the 'watching'... how does one sit still and merely listen to Modest Mouse? I, for one, cannot help but twitch, nod, jerk or sway along to their songs (depending of course on which one, since their style is so brilliantly versatile). I chose to be seated this time, because I didn't want to worry about how much I could see, and my position in the crowd, instead opting to view them and watch every bit of the action from a bit further away. Seating does compromise atmosphere in many cases, but then I have also been to many gigs where the standing crowd are also stiff as planks. Can anyone tell me how it was in the Troxy pit?

Nevertheless, they once again did not fail to impress. With the standard double drum set (which I love!), and every required instrument, they managed to faithfully play live a wide mix from their records, the 'live' touch only adding positively to the recordings which we hold so dear.

Every time I've seen them live I've hoped (secretly and very very quietly) that they would play one special track... Last time, at the Electric Ballroom, I was granted Neverending Math Equation, but that wasn't it... This time, to my sheer and UTTER DELIGHT my secret wish came true. And Cowboy Dan came alive. =D . I still can barely believe it ! Now, I am not so familiar with their stuff pre-Lonesome Crowded West, so could anyone tell me the name of the last song they played? And for that matter, any other older song they played?! (apart from Dramamine , of course, every Modest Mouse fan has to know this one, I think it's the law or something...).

Cowgirl Dan
aka Lara


  • dontquoteme

    hey :) thanks for the link! i found that site my chance a bit earlier today as well when on someone else's profile! it's amazing :D. Cowboy Dan sounded just as awesome as it does on my CD. they worked it out really well i thought.

    10 Sep 2010, 1:03
  • interstate-8

    I was in the pit. It was a bit slow going at first, which was to be excepected considering they started with Dramamine, but the mosh did get going a bit during Cowboy Dan to my delight, and then built from there, peaking at Spitting Venom which was superb live. I've been waiting years to see these guys live and they did not disappoint. Brilliant show!

    10 Sep 2010, 12:52
  • dontquoteme

    ah cool, good to hear people got into it eventually! it was still so good that they started with Dramamine though :D. and Spitting Venom is incredible isnt it? glad you weren't disappointed!

    17 Sep 2010, 16:42
  • mark_millwood

    Great review, really enjoyed the gig - I saw them at reading and they played a very different, but yet still enjoyable set. But as i am a much bigger fan of mm's earlier music the troxy set-list was far more enjoyable. Still upset they didn't play trailer trash, but Cowboy Dan was amazing. The crowd from where i was standing were pretty quiet, probably in awe of isaac just like myself.

    8 Ene 2011, 3:34
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