the year has come and gone and i'm going to list my favorite albums


16 Dic 2009, 2:22

actually it's only december 15th, but i'm pretty sure there aren't any notable releases coming up in the next few weeks, so i'll just put this shit out now.

Ten: Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

While my love this album has waned, I still can recognize how great of an achievement it is, and in the day that I loved it, it was mad love. Cannibal Resource is a perfect summery song.

Nine:The Twilight Sad - Forget the Night Ahead

Maybe you're the sort of person who laughs at accents in songs. If you are, avoid this. An excellent sophomore effort by this band out of Glasgow.

Eight: toe - For Long Tomorrow

Wow! WHAT A FANTASTIC ALBUM THAT MAKES ME CALM ON BAD DAYS. The drumming on this is fantastic, as is the finger picked guitar. really nice! first album i've ever heard by toe.

Seven:Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

Absolutely brilliant album and very consistent all the way through. isn't as good as yellow house, but i don't think many expected it to be. oh and Southern Point is a fantastic album opener.

Six:Wilco - Wilco (The Album)

After the sort of disappointment that was Sky Blue Sky (except for the fact that Walken, Hate It Here, and Impossible Germany are all fantastic songs), Wilco has come back with a great album that takes a bit of every previous Wilco album and slaps it into a great ALBUM WITH A CAMEL ON THE ALBUM COVER. HOLY FUCK, THAT IS PROBABLY THE ALBUM COVER OF THE YEAR.

It's no Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Summerteeth , but dammit I'll take it. And anyone who say's that You and I isn't the sweetest or most adorable they've ever heard, is a liar.

FIVE. WE'RE HALF WAY DONE: Morrissey - Years of Refusal

Oh Moz, where do we begin. I guess the first thing to say is that this is filled with a ton of cock rock guitar, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Does it pale in comparison to early Morrissey albums? YES.

Is it not as good as You Are The Quarry? YES.

However, it's still really damn good, and filled with self depreciation and disgust for our modern world.

Four: The Thermals - Now We Can See

Pop-punk, and actually really good. I Called Out Your Name is the best song easily. Easy to throw on whenever and just listen to. Not quite as punk-y as The Body, The Blood, The Machine

Three: Caspian - Tertia

Fantastic Post-Rock. I hope these guys get a ton of recognition on some end of the year lists.

Two: The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love

Oh cool what a surprise, Jon has the latest D's album as one of his top 5 of the year. JUSTIFY IT PLEASE?

Alright. Basically, if you look at previous Decemberists albums, it was pretty apparent they had to put out a full fledged rock-opera. It could've gone either way really, and in the end it was pretty shocking to see Colin and co., not fuck this one up. It somehow blends folk and metal together into a nifty hour long package. Oh, also having a few fantastic guest vocalists doesn't hurt much. It was incredible to see the band perform the album in its entirety.

NUMBER ONE OF THE YEAR OMG: The Antlers - Hospice

The first time I ever listened to The Antlers was on a mix tape somebody had made for me. The song Kettering was featured on it, and I was immediately intrigued because of it's gloominess. I was then linked to their album Hospice and holy fuck it blew me away

and it still does every time I listen. I'm not sure if in 50 years it'll be regarded as a classic album, but it damn well deserves it.

The 10 best songs of the year, however:

10: The Decemberists - The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid

9: Grizzly Bear - Fine for Now

8: Caspian - Sycamore

7: Wilco - Bull Black Nova

6: Tortoise - High Class Slim Came Floatin' In

5: Animal Collective - Brother Sport

4: Morrissey - Something Is Squeezing My Skull

3:The Antlers - Epilogue

2:Dirty Projectors - Cannibal Resource

1: The Twilight Sad - I Became a Prostitute

Conclusion: Merriweather Post Pavillion wasn't as good as I thought initially.


  • therewasatime

    brett cooper disagrees. really surprising/good list. can you burn me the twilight sad album? please n' thank you.

    16 Dic 2009, 3:37
  • dontmakemeatrgt

    I will burn you it. bretty cooper can "s a d", y'know? fuck animal collective/mgmt

    16 Dic 2009, 3:38
  • TimmyJames

    i like the list. i'm still quite a fan of MPP, also how can your love for Bitte Orca wane? best album of 2009!

    18 Dic 2009, 19:53
  • evokateur

    Aha, there's my answer.

    29 Dic 2009, 23:48
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