2001 2007 albums i own alternative alternative metal alternative rock amazing awesome badass badass video beautiful beautiful beautiful best interlude best maiden album best of 2010 best of 2013 best of 2014 blows me away bluesy piano rock but it is amazing classic cool dark dark-sexy dat drum solo definitely not instrumental doom metal doomy and badass electronic epic experimental fave favorite favorite albums favorite hesitation marks song favorite on ajfa favorite on american doll posse favorite song on amnesiac favorite song on biophilia favorite song on burials favorite song on way of the fist favourite albums female vocalists fucking beastly fucking love this gallavich gorgeous gorgeous chorus gospel gospel-influenced great chorus great feminist song groove metal guilty pleasure hard rock haunting he is pissed i despise prince but i like this song in utero-esque incredible guitar work indie jazz meets funk lameass poser jesus crap like her voice love massive riffage metal monster of a band october 2002 october 2011 perfect piano pop rock powerful progressive metal rock sad sad but soothing sang girl singer-songwriter so many memories so sad some seriously badass metal soul stunning such a gem the best thedownwardspiralesque this is not a ballad thrash metal trannylicious unbelievably haunting underrated very mariah-esque very moody very warm vocals like honey what was vinnie smoking when he decided to do this whomever tagged this synthpop is a moron wish it were longer