Interview: Ataman Tolovy of Stillborn. [MetalRecusants]


11 Mar 2012, 22:29

MetalRecusants’ newest contributor BreadGod had the opportunity to ask the extreme metal band Stillborn from Poland a few questions after giving their album Los Asesinos Del Sur a very positive review.

BreadGod: For those readers who don’t know, tell us what Stillborn is all about.

Ataman Tolovy: Hello. We come from Poland. We play extreme Metal, I think subgenres are unnecessary. To date we recorded four full-lenghts, though some people say three.

BreadGod: Tell us about the origins of Stillborn.

Tolovy: The band was founded in 1997 by Killer and Gopher, only the first one is standing tall in the line of duty to date. I suppose that in these worst of times for metal, the band was created to counter the degeneration. Only that the request came after years.

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