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    22 Dic 2008, 12:24

  • Warning: Russian Circles biased review :)

    29 Oct 2008, 13:24

    Tue 28 Oct – These Arms Are Snakes, Russian Circles

    Let's get some things straight, I went to see "Russian Circles" , I'm not into "These Arms Are Snakes" music at all - so this review WILL BE biased as fuck.

    Me and my friend Lale666 came to Arena arround 20:00, kicked it off with some cold beer and discussions about croatian bands (for some reason!). Pretty soon we noticed that crowd is moving towards the hall, so it was that time :P

    When I've heard first beats of beautiful Harper Lewis, I knew that concert will be fuckin' awesome, and it was, at least while RC was on stage:)

    They played great mix of Enter/Station songs, each and every one of them is my favourite, so I really don't mind their setlist choice.

    Technically they are really great musicians, so most of the stuff was performed perfect, if we ignore two or three guitar fuckups which couldn't be noticed by someone listening them for the first time.

    Dave and Me :)

    I like the behind-drummer light, it doesn't do justice to photos, but it does create a great atmosphere! :) I was feeling sorry for the drummer for most of the time, because somebody just went crazy with fuckin' artificial smoke and made him invisible most of the time ...

    Closing track was, of course, Death Rides A Horse which crushed everyone in the room and left audience blodthirsty for more :)

    These Armes Are Snakes ?

    Fuck them ... whoever spits in the air, and then swallows the spit, is not in my grace... I could maybe digg the music if I was into the Mars Volta kinda mood, but that singer is just annoying as fuckin' cocaine crazy fuck ... So we left the room to chat with the RC band members, buy some of their merchandise and went for another round of beers into the cold cold night.
  • Desert came after me!

    19 Oct 2008, 11:20

    Fri 17 Oct – Brant Bjork

    Man ooo man :)
    I've almost missed this show because my reminder on laptop didn't go off for some reason. Now I'm glad I did check my events manually that night :)

    I went there maybe arround 21ish ... I've been pretty sure that Bjork won't be sold out - boy how I was wrong!
    Anyhow, in about ten minutes I got my ticket in a weirdest possible way which is not for the review:)

    I got in and got a beer :)

    Opening band was "Durango Riot" from .. fuck me if I remember, Norway?!? Young guys, lots of energy and very optimistic and confident at what they do - but I think they still didn't find their right "thing" ...
    Singer looks like a guy who's carrying picture of himself taken straight out of some teen magazine ... some scarry shit!

    Their third song (Machine or Telescopes) was the best one IMHO. Rest of the stuff is pretty boring and not unique in any way. God was I annoyed by his question "can we do one more song?" .. he did it for, liiiike, five fuckin' times that night ....
    Last song was a mess, serious mess - smashing a microphone, spitting water on audience (c'mon duuude, WTF!?!? You still have milk theets!), guitar jerking off and cock surfing on monitors ... way above their real status. Fuckin' exhausting trip for me ...And I smoked just a tiny piece before entering Dreiraum :(.

    Well, arround 22:xx - master came in and things changed for better:X
    When people will ask me about seeing BB live and how was it - I will just say that I've seen crossbreed of Santana + Hendrix + Morrison LIVE:)

    I like most of the BB's stuff, but not too often - and this show was just in right measure. Grooves and riffs sounded much better than on most of the records I've heard - (was I properly stoned? not!) ....

    Bass player is still silly with his fuckin' sunglasses and "I can't fuckin' move a leg" routine - but man was he on time ... bass line was just rippin' the place apart.

    Other guitar player wasn't into the show until four songs before end and he did some really kinky stuff on his solos (missing an octave completely or just fuckin' loose the groove) - but last four songs we're brilliantly executed. Well done young lad!

    Drummer, well .. not much to do in this band, pretty straightforward stuff, but rasta kept his beat no matter what and he did it perfectly! Hats off for all the energy and consistency during the show. Dynamics we're great as well!

    As for the BB, no special words on his performance, he was in a very good mood, positive, smiling and really comunicating with the band and with the audience (while stoned Durango boys looked at him like God from the backstage entry).

    BB managed to break one string and quickly changed his guitar for better ;) I liked the sounds much on SG:)

    They came out back on the stage because crowd was wild and I bet there were at least ten indians in the back of the dreiraum, I couldn't see the horses, but one could hear them thump and rumble...

    Great show, I'm soo glad I didn't missed that one! Even yelling "Kyuss" didn't break my mood - c'mon guys seriously? - shouting "Kyuss" is not doin' any good at BB's concerts ... :)

    Off for a biggie.
  • Nice performance, but poor show ....

    19 Sep 2008, 0:19

    Thu 18 Sep – Meshuggah, Trigger the Bloodshed

    Trigger the Bloodshed ? I've been caught off guard with these lads...
    Young boys, they look like they came straight from Harry Potter movie, but nevertheless, lots of energy and noise .. Although, that didn't help to move the crowd for an inch ...

    Singer is just annoying as fuck ...
    Does he ever see recordings of his show? He looks like an arrogant prick on cocaine. Drummer was good, nice redhead guy :)
    Bass player knows his stuff, doesn't have a beard yet - but he was raping that bass properly ...

    Guitars, muddy and non-creative ... All those cords could be pulled off with one guitar player ...

    First song, delirium ...
    Second one, Bleed .. crowd was bleeding for real! I was in the middle of the soundscape and maybe some 5 meters from the stage so sound picture was perfect, what an performance.

    Meshuggah is fuckin' multi-human noise machine ...
    They continued with perfect perfomance until the end, although I didn't like remarks regarding the church and funeral ... C'mon - we bang our heads as much as we could - even you motherfuckers are not able to headbang to your own fuckin' beats ... so don't ask us to act as a retards and try to catch rhythm of Haake's unhuman snare, OK?

    A little tip for non-musician people going to their shows - stick to the Haake's right ride cymbal, this is the beat keeper for most of the times when things get chaotic - you will headbang like a baby - or learn how to count drunk!:)

    Repeating stuff about a nearby church was annoying and uncalled for, so .. fuck off and do your stuff ...
    Playing for 50 mins approx. was enough for me, but I was expecting at least one bloody song after crowd was shouting "MESHUGGAH" like crazy ...
    But no ...
    I understand that this kind of music is not as groovy and as easy to play for hours, but coming out for bis is almost must-have in these places:)

    So, it was short, powerful, perfect and cold ...

    I got the value for my money, EOF.

    BTW, some images ...

    Meshuggah 18.9.08 @ Szene
  • I'm more than satisfied!

    14 Mar 2008, 11:28

    Thu 13 Mar – The Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison the Well, Stolen Babies

    So, I came from work arround 18:00, changed my clothes, took my iPod and went on a 500 meters journey to Arena to see D.E.P live finnaly.

    Usually I abuse and check beforehand the bands which I'm not familiar with, I check their influences, their roots, but this time I was completely ignorant and went blindfolded into this one :)

    First band was "Stolen Babies" which took me by surprise completely! I'm not into that kind of music, but their sole apperance, atmosphere which they are creating is just sooo fitting to this tour. Their newest drummer just kicks asses, really nice performance by him. Sound was amazingly brilliant throughout the whole act.

    Lead singer baby has a nice screams, too bad she didn't utilize it a bit more often :) Anyhow, to make up for my ignorance, I've bought a t-shirt from them and the CD.

    After pretty short break "Poison The Well" started to get ready, I would blame them for poor sound, their guitars were muddy and bass had too much volume ego IMHO. I'm really sick and tired of this kind of music - I really don't know what they are doing on this tour with DEP, but fuck it ...
    I've managed to sit trough this performance disaster and drink one beer while they were trying to send subwoofer membranes to the other end of the hall. They look like pretty cool guys, but their music sucks - it is even below average music those kind of bands usually produce. You can practicaly predict chorus melodies, mosh parts and all that shit... Booring.

    And then :)
    D.E.P started to take over the stage!
    I'm too bad at remembering the song names and setlists so I'm just going to say that their setlist was PERFECT, lots of old stuff, lots of energy and amazing performance throughout the whole setlist. Sound was PERFECT, you couldn't even notice the missing two bottom strings on the second guitar;)
    I liked the speedups of their older songs - lots of small improvisations took place in almost every song, drums on older songs were sooo much richer! i was begging for more light on the drums just to see how the fuck he plays some of the stuff! Consipracy, there was a drum machine behind ... math fuckers!

    no drums were hurt during the show, only ride cymbal was used by singer to produce noise while standing on the right speaker. During the last song guitar player ended up in the crowd, still playing :) Really awesome dudes, sharing the energy, sweat and sounds with the warmed up crowd there in the front. Too bad they didn't came out for one more song although the crowd was basically begging them to do one more.
    Performance perfect, sound perfect, singing a bit too weak, big plus for not killing my evening with (lots of ) songs from gay album "Ire Works" ...
    OK, I stand corrected, there were more songs from IW album, and album is not so gay, I'm being retarded again - but not homophobic:)

    Setlist (according to theDom!):

    Panasonic Youth
    43% Burnt
    Fix Your Face
    Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants
    Baby’s First Coffin
    When Acting As A Particle
    Nong Eye Gong
    Milk Lizard
    When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
    Black Bubblegum
    Sugar Coated Sour
    Party Smasher
    Sunshine The Werewolf

    I closed my concert night with hot kebab and went in almost straight line back to Gasometer apartment, satisfied.
  • Dissapointed, probably, actually, no, really ...

    6 Feb 2008, 9:33

    Tue 5 Feb – From Autumn to Ashes, Furious Styles, Blood Stands Still, Your Demise

    Maybe I was too tired after long office hours and shitty meetings, maybe I was just too sober / clean and nervous because of some other stuff, but this show sucked balls ...

    Ticket was not so expensive to see five bands, that is if you CAN actually tell the fuckin' difference between the first four! Sound was way below regular Arena big hall sound quality - I was mostly satisfied with all kinds of bands played there - the way they sounded in Arena. But last night, soundboard guy sucked his own balls and couple of balls from his neighbours...
    Vocals were too quiet/low all the time, I was hoping for a classic scenario - that the soundscape will improve with FATA taking over the stage, but that was not the case.

    Anyhow, I'm glad that I saw them live finnaly, I'm glad that they played some of the older stuff - and i'm not a fan of their latest stuff though... FATA performance was really energetic and on a high level, which is not the case with the audience which was in front of them :)

    And yes, I have a bloody hangover huge as the fuckin' Stadthalle.
  • Almost attended a show ...

    26 Nov 2007, 15:18

    Sun 25 Nov – Hot Hot Heat, The Thirst

    I actually came rather late to Vienna, 21:30 - since I was not able to enter the concert, I went to see "High On Fire", at least their last 15 mins of the show, fucking amazing stoners - as always.

    Then, then I went back to my flat (gasometer), merely 30 mins after that I've received and sms to come back to Arena to hang out with HHH guys, since I wanted to have one more beer that night, I've decided to head back.

    So i hooked up with my friend, with the band and then we hit the Arena Beisl, crazy bar within Arena quarters. I had more than couple of beers with Luke, pretty cool guy - he actually wanted to be at "High On Fire" concert so we had some stuff to talk about, i'm not into HHH at all ...

    after two hours of drinking and having fun with nice guys from the band I've decided to hit the bed, it was too late, I had to work tomorrow (I'm at work actually) and there was simply no way to get that motherfucker Luke drunk...

    Good after party, from what I've heard good show as well - hopefully next time I'll be less ignorant and try to be familiar with at least one song from the band I hang out with :)

    No photos, my camera was left dead in the apartment :(
  • Videos of Parkway Drive, Comeback Kid

    20 Nov 2007, 11:01


    Too stoned to record anything more, and besides that, sound was way too bad (not for me, for my camera) - to much bass so I just gave up from recording any further.

    Parkway Drive - Gimme A D:

    Parkway Drive - Romance is Dead:

    Comeback Kid - Unknown ....

    Comeback Kid - One more unknown song ...

    OK, that's it from me ;)
  • Glazba u blog postovima

    11 Ago 2007, 16:18

    Vjerujem da su mnogi od nas makar jednom u nekom od svoji postova spomenuli neki band, koncert ili nesto vezano za glazbu koju slusamo.

    Do prije godinu dana sam imao praksu linkati redovito na Wikipedijine clanke jer su pruzali dovoljno informacija o bendu za nekoga koga bi stvar mogla interesirati. No link na wikipediju je obicno slijedio ako sluzbena domena benda nije bas nesto za linkati, recimo odradjena je samo u flashu, ne sadrzi korisne informacije o bendu ili je jednostavno neuporabiva.

    Vec dugo vremena linkam na wiki koji je integriran na i kolicina informacija koju citatelj odmah vidi je i vise nego dovoljna da dokuci o kakvom se bendu radi, moze poslusati semplove, vidjeti video i vidjeti slicne bendove.

    Kakva je vasa praksa?
  • My own Wiki reminder...

    29 Mar 2007, 12:58