• Most Under-rated Queen Songs

    31 Jul 2008, 12:06

    As a huge Queen fan, I like to say I know my way around their repertoire. This also means that I might know of a song or two that haven't got the attention and appreciation it deserved. I'm here to make up for that.

    Take duly notice though, I know absolutely nothing of music in theoretical terms, I can only say what works for me. (I'm mostly a lyrics man, but with Queen it's a little different; their lyrics are far from world-class, but I still love the band as hell.)

    This is a not an ordered list, because I don't really care for those. It's just a list of great under-appreciated songs by my favourite band.

    • No-one but You (Greatest Hits III [only album it appears on])
      I will start out, however, with what I consider the best Queen song ever. This is in a bit of a grey area, I realise, as this was not actually recorded by the *entire* Queen band.

      The history of the song is, it's a tribute to Freddie Mercury, the lead singer who died of AIDS in 1991. This obviously explains how he could not have appeared on the track.

      Yet, I still think it's their best, probably also due in part to the fact that it is a tribute to one of my heroes.

    • Sail Away Sweet Sister (The Game)
      Yet another track without Mercury, this is also a terribly beautiful song, sung by guitarist Brian May.

    • Keep Passing the Open Windows (The Works)

    • '39 (A Night at the Opera)

    • Las Palabras De Amor (Hot Space)

    Then, as a sort of special treat, I also want to mention the most *over*-rated songs from Queen: We Will Rock You and Bicycle Race.

    We Will Rock you is not exactly a *terrible* song, but it's by no means good, and as such is very over-rated.

    Bicycle Race, on the other hand, is a terrible song. I usually have no problem with Queen's frisky songs (again, this is sort of special for Queen), but I can't stand this one. It just strikes all the wrong chords with me, and I think it's a terrible song. The fact that it's so popular might certainly add to it. I think it's the worst they ever made.
  • White Ghosts

    28 Dic 2005, 14:17

    I am sitting here listening to the newest album (Get Behind Me Satan) from the weirdos that are The White Stripes. I just finished listening to Little Ghost, and oh my, is that a cool track.

    A Western beat and Jack's voice going in very light tones is a very nice mix, and absolutely must-hear for fans. Reminds me a bit of It's True That We Love Another, from Elephant. Cool tracks, indeed.
  • Blown By Blunt

    4 Sep 2005, 13:37

    Wow. That's all there is to it: wow. I recently purchased James Blunt's album, Back to Bedlam. And oh my god, is that a sweet album. With the stunning "You're Beautiful" track as a nice appetizer, it contains wonderful songs like "So Long Jimmy", "Goodbye My Lover", and "Cry". Not to mention "Wisemen", of course.

    James Blunt is a bit more pop, than what I mostly cope with. But the combination of his incredible voice, and the neat lyrics just do it for me. My warmest recommendations!