• Album Recommendations: Shonen Knife

    30 Mar 2011, 6:15

    Kelley asked me for some Shonen Knife (少年ナイフ) album recommendations earlier today. I figured I'd share them with the rest of the group:

    1) "Shonen Knife" - a compilation CD of their early EPs. It's fun! And they were really kind of cute back then. Couldn't play their instruments too well but wrote catchy pop rock tunes with odd lyrics. And word about this album popped up in the oddest of places. My buddy Ken once gave me a photocopy of a review of album which he had found in a HI-FI/audiophile magazine. This album was released by an indie label called "Gasutanku Records" so it may be tricky to locate. The EPs which make up this album, "Burning Farm" and "Yama no Attchan" are available on the iTunes music store.

    2) "Pretty Little Baka Guy + Live In Japan" - the first CD of theirs I listened to. A friend gave it to me for Christmas. More kooky fun. The live tracks are very primitive recordings dating back to the mid/late 1980s if I recall correctly. Yet another "Gasutanku Records" release. This album, minus the live tracks, is available on the iTunes store.

    3) "Happy Hourr" - Much more polished than their early recordings. I suspect this is the last album recorded by the original line-up (the Yamano sisters, Naoko and Atsuko, and their friend Nakatani Michie). I bought a copy of the Japanese version at my local Virgin Megastore. As a bonus it has 5 English versions of tracks on the album.

    4) Honourable mentions: "We Are Very Happy You Camee" and "Favorites". Both of these feature their live recording of Neil Innes' "Goose Step Mama" complete with Naoko's introduction of "An za nekusu songu za dorama Atsuko wiru singu 'Gusu Suteppu Marma'!".