• Found this. Thought it deserved preserving...

    16 Dic 2011, 10:05

    Manequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder
    Music: Boom Bip
    Words: Doseone

    Nerved, spotted not alone at the copy bag's lip. Your "last great mime" eyes watching faces go bald through a ply of mucus or living gauze. The way a glass of still water brings out... strings out an entire nights sleep. The ringing in your ears after locking a series of doors. When you feel friendless and alone this sends a thin kitchen noise very pregnant throughout the house. Letting the few squeaking floorboards know that they cannot but sleep through you. A dream screams zilch to the woke. Wanting power not unlike that of a thermostat instead you're one warm dot of wheat buckling down to the 10,000 sours of time line indulgence; a silent, undeniable page break.

    Sure you swear you single out a single grain of sea and keep track all the way to the shore. Trousers rolled to the diminish of pant utility, flashing calf meat at the big water mom. Avoiding the wake and thief's dignity, that's losing count. Saying "Great" or 6lbs. 11 ounces awaiting happy to the ribs of books frayed... all that respect for never seeing all your blood displayed outside your body at once. All that ignoring of the fewer's golden properties. Skipping on the curse of will you help with pregnant meanwhile tumors twinkling, twining throughout your seaweed centre. Such bits part power over earth and anti-gravity, cold editing the place machine to bits because you're this mediafetusmindmomowingstraightman coughing bird badly and creaky broken english like a rock. The caveman absolute... more red paint faced than garden goaled.

    You can taste the astronaut in those nails... suck on the dirt in Edisons teeth, blindly ejaculate his thousand helper rally, be reminded your warm blossom body feeds a smile rich mud.

    What they do... Is get an empty barrel filled with loosed puzzle pieces - and a Hollywood set fan - and blow them all over you.

    I can't wait till I wake to the bit in this flick where all crutches are kicked and my mothers forgived. Be it by the therapist's sieve or one carcrash to live, I would rather not dive from a wire of a bridge if it's for me to heal by the 25th give god forbid that this nose glass moustache to wig is exposing a rib. God forbid I'd love to see 50 fat fingered and fearless with something like kids.

    Trapping yourself in a solid fashion (negative) before the sexual hinge. Your father honest and alimoniless in the thickest of glass blowing his squeezed teeth saying your mother's become disgusting. She is... was secrets to the clubbed tongue of a jersey secretary... oh you remember - buried in the thin inner hand cells that refuse replacing, cause you won't bite into your warm arm for fear of bursting the bulged obvious vein.

    The same veins your heart seems so impatient with. Maybe yours cuts so deep it makes a second mouth more massive that your guilty average ten year old smart pumps glib... maybe not... You're a harpless fear extra in the dust gather massive... a muscle bound fossil swapping specs of flesh for a rock thin slow future of snapping off into salt.

    There's no harm done in the fruition of minerals. The second great planting sink of your adult teeth.
  • (Mostly) For Me

    21 May 2008, 22:50

  • My Tag Cloud!

    25 Feb 2007, 20:42

    The stats group is wonderful. Find it on my groups list and get some wonderful stats of your own.

    My wonderful Tag Cloud!

    Also, my .

    Generally speaking, anyone with a score above 4 has very diverse taste in music. (Click the numbers to get your own.)

    So basically all this just to show you how awesome I am. ;p
  • New Ken Andrews Album & Tour!!!

    25 Ene 2007, 9:34

    Taken from his myspace bulletin:
    (Yes, myspace is actually good for something.)

    Ken is back!

    New Album. Tour. What else could you ask for?

    The brand new full length album ‘Secrets of the Lost Satellite’ hits stores on March 13. The CD version of the album has a bonus track. That’s right, one song that will not be available anywhere else (including iTunes)!

    CD Track Listing

    01 | Allergic
    02 | Up or Down
    03 | In Your Way
    04 | Secret Things
    05 | Write Your Story
    06 | Perfect Days (BONUS TRACK)
    07 | What Its Like
    08 | Does Anybody Know
    09 | Tripped Up
    10 | The 23rd Boy
    11 | Without

    Amazon, Virgin Megastore, Newbury Comics, and many other major and independent music stores throughout the United States and Canada will stock ‘SOTLS’. All CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores) stores will offer an exclusive 8.5 x 11 lithograph with purchase.

    ‘Secrets of the Lost Satellite’ hits iTunes, Sony Connect, Napster, and all digital retailers on February 27. The iTunes version will offer an exclusive track called “China Dream”. Remember, the digital release of ‘SOTLS’ is worldwide.

    Ken is touring. Believe it or not, a three-week U.S. promotional headline tour is slated to coincide with the release. Tickets for select cities are ON SALE. Stay tuned as more dates will be posted soon.

    Excited? I know I am!

    The Replicants
  • Mainstreamness...

    24 Ene 2007, 7:09

    My mainstream rating.

    Daedelus - 25, 023
    Fingathing - 7,286
    Camille - 33,835
    Emilie Simon - 24,833
    DJ Krush - 79,355
    Leaf - 1,030
    Felix Laband - 2,776
    Failure - 11,307
    Populous - 5,865
    Tommy Guerrero - 6,540

    Total - 197,850

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - 636,353



    It was somewhere in the 5's last time I calculated. Surprisingly, I thought it would go up, but I guess not.

    Some people think they are cool because they listen to the most underground artists. That means nothing. I go into shops in the 'trendy' areas of Chicago where they play nothing but the MOST indie music and it always sucks.

    Don't think you are cool just cause your favorite band only has 5 listeners.

    I pride myself on enjoying good music, regardless of how popular it is. It just so happens that some of the best music is relatively undiscovered.

    If you read this, I would recommend any of these artists to you. Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Cheaters.

    21 Nov 2006, 22:37

    I'm starting to get really annonyed with people on who are constantly playing music, but aren't really listening to it.

    I'm sure you want to be the top listener to your favorite band or you want to have all your artists on your charts, but this isn't a god damn competition. is here to give a balanced and unbiased view of what people actually listen to. I guess it's possible that people really do have over a thousand plays a week, but most likely it's just on as background music.

    If you're worried that your charts don't accurately reflect what you listen to, don't stress, it's that way for everyone. Some people who have a monumental amount of plays even reset their charts so that they can reflect what they are listening to for the time being.

    If you really appreciate an artist, you can show it by purchasing albums or going to shows or spreading the word. You don't need to have 800 plays a week on to show your love.

    I'm afraid once gets around a little bit more it's going to turn into another myspace where it's all about how many people visit your page or how many friends you have.

    I'm not attacking everyone who has a lot of plays here, just the ones that are cheating, and those people know who they are.

    On it's about the music. Not about you.

    Stop cheating. Please.
    (Artist Connections Added For Reach)

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  • This man ruled my childhood.

    21 Oct 2006, 8:21


    Fuck banana phone though.

    I don't believe he made that.
  • You probably don't care, but...

    3 Sep 2006, 6:19

    I am predicting it will take me ~8 months for my charts to accurately reflect what I really listen to.

    Patience, my love.