• Clap your hands say yeah Show in Philly.

    19 Nov 2007, 22:18

    Fri 16 Nov – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Delta Spirit, Greyhounds, Black Soltzfus

    Fun show,

    Greyhounds started out with a nice set, they show promise, i especially enjoyed the last song, "no slogan for 76" when they added thew 2nd guitar, i think a second guitar all the time would really fill out their sound more.

    Delta Spirit was up next and for my money stole the show, they are polished and tight and the songwriting is really amazing, the singer has a really powerful voice and they really put on a high energy fun show. Hightlights for me were, "people c'mon", "trashcan" and "children" as well as the song they ended with which i cant recall the name of but the ending was huge. I could have left the show at that point and felt i had spent my money wisely.

    Black Stoltzfus was next, and while i really enjoy their songs, i feel they would be more suitable for a seated or outdoor venue where you could lay down and stare at the sky or otherwise just chill out. "The New American Apathy" was amazing! Dont get me wrong i really like thier sound, i just dont know how well it translated to this show.

    finally around 10:45 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah came on, they started the show off right playing "Satan Said Dance" second and really getting the crowd moving, the show seemed to drag in the middle but picked up near the end of the set when they pulled off a sweet rendition of 'Clap your hands" and just rocked out to the end of the show playing their best songs during the encore (of course) "Skin of my yellow country teeth" brought the noise! I'm not sure why but it did drag a bit in the middle.

    The bar was closed and you couldn't go out for a smoke and come back in, and that sucked!!

    I am looking forward to seeing moe shows there i really liked the sound.