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Tema Duración
1 Chinese TelephonesTell Me Tell Me Loved track 2:05
2 Bent Outta ShapeI Don't Know Loved track 3:07
3 The Lawrence ArmsI'll Take What's In The Box Monty 3:59
4 Chinese TelephonesI Can't Be Right 2:06
5 Dillinger Four"I Was Born on a Pirate Ship! " (Holdyourtongue) 2:36
6 The Lawrence ArmsNavigating the Windward Passage Loved track 3:22
7 North LincolnDrink Michigan Drink 2:26
8 JawbreakerElephant Loved track
9 The Lawrence ArmsNecrotism: Decanting The Insal Loved track
10 Off With Their Headsjust want you to know Loved track 2:42
11 BeltonesFuck You Anyway
12 Monikers80 Proof 3:02
13 The DopaminesJon Has Anxiety 1:11
14 The DopaminesEasy Living Loved track 1:18


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