• Empfehlung des Hauses

    6 May 2010, 0:18

    Nicht aus der Harsh Electro-Ecke, aber dennoch sehr, sehr empfehlenswert erscheint eine Neo-Old School/Dark Electro-Compilation aus dem Hause Electro Aggression Records. Dabei handelt es sich um ein kleines Ein-Mann-Indielabel aus den Staaten, das sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, wirklich authentische Düster-Elektronik und komplexen EBM an die Leute zu bringen.

    Nader, der Betreiber des Labels, träumte bereits seit Jahren davon, eine wahrlich beeindruckende Compilation zusammenzustellen und zu veröffentlichen. Mit viel Herzblut und getrieben von seiner Begeisterung für alternative, elektronische Musik der alten Schule hatte er es im Dezember 2009 geschafft: dank der Kooperationen mit verschiedensten Bands ist die "Old School Electrology Vol. I" für satte 4 CDs zusammengestellt!

    Jedoch ist dies immernoch nur ein Schritt auf dem Weg zur Veröffentlichung. Um diese zu verwirklichen, braucht es mindestens 100 Vorbestellungen, da die Produktionskosten vergleichsweise exorbitant hoch ausfallen. Dafür wird aber auch feinste Qualität geboten. Die auf insgesamte 800 Exemplare limitierte Box beinhaltet nicht etwa das Standardmaterial der beteiligten Bands, sondern viele exklusive oder rare Stücke - insgesamt sind es 81 Tracks für über 5 Stunden Lauschvergnügen! Hinzu kommt ein 36 Seiten starkes Booklet. Alles liebevoll zusammengestellt und aufeinander angepasst.

    Dies klingt nun alles nach toller Werbung und ja, zum Teil ist es dies auch. Aber es geht hier vor allem auch um die Unterstützung eines Projekts, in das ohne Ende Energie gesteckt wurde. Kurz vor der Ziellinie liegt das Überqueren derselben und damit das Ergebnis dieses Projektes nun aber in den Händen der Fans und Supporter.

    So spread the word!

    Mehr Infos über Label, Projekt, Tracklist und Preis gibt's bei Electro Aggression Records @MySpace. Zumindest einen Blick drauf werfen lohnt sich echt!

  • H&I goes mainstream

    28 Ene 2009, 20:48

    WTF?! Why mainstream?
    Yeah! Phil and myself will have the opportunity to spin our discs at the biggest, dark disco/club in Dresden - the Bunker! (->
    That's really a huge success for us as we'll play a whole evening on our own floor then with some more people than usual :]

    So remind the date: 11th April '09!
  • UPCOMING: Noisuf-X - Voodoo Ritual [NEXT ALBUM]

    17 Jun 2008, 22:37

    Jan the man plans to come up with another release of his powernoise project Noisuf-X!
    The follower of the enormously successful album 'The Beauty Of Destruction' goes by the name 'Voodoo Ritual' and is planned to be released in this year's autumn! There's no tracklist yet but you can already order a new T-shirt and take a look on the silver-grey design at

    More news will follow in the next weeks!
  • NEW ALBUM: X-Fusion - Vast Abysm!!

    10 Mar 2008, 8:56

    Now you have the possibility of pre-ordering "VAST ABYSM at!
    We're celebrating the 20th birthday of X-Fusion with it, and the album comes in a noble metalbox with bonus MCD - limited to 3000 copies.
    Release date : 18|04|2008.
    Price: 16 Euro + shipping
    If you pre-order now, you'll get your copy one week before the official releasedate.
    For the tracklist or pre-listening mp3-snippets take a look at the discography [on] or visit


    Vast Abysm [CD]

    01 Godless
    02 Bouncer Of The Pearly Gate + Alternative End
    03 I Saw You
    04 Parasites
    05 Flesh And Blood
    06 Bringer Of Light
    07 Commercial Whore
    08 Valediction
    09 Bloody Revenge
    10 Last Breath
    11 When The Curtain Falls
    12 Stuprum Violentum
    13 Good Gloomy Night

    Inner Exile [Bonus CD 2]

    01 Inner Exile
    02 Stachel Im Herz
    03 Amen
    + DATAS: Wallpaper + mp3s
  • NEW PROJECT! Kombat Unit [Suicide Commando & X-Fusion/Noisuf-X]

    9 Sep 2007, 22:59

    KOMBAT UNIT is the brandnew project from SUICIDE COMMANDO mastermind Johan v.R. and X-FUSION/NOISUF-X noise terrorist Jan L. founded early May 2007.

    First KOMBAT UNIT attack "we are machines" can be found in exclusivity on the upcoming "noise terror volume 2" sampler on Noise Terror Productions/Dependent somewhere end of October.

    More songs are already in preparation ...

    So seek shelter !

    Unit 1
    Johan v.R.
    music, lyrics, vocals

    Unit 2
    Jan L.
    music, production, artwork

    Take a look at their myspace-site to listen to the brandnew track "we are machines"!

    Official website:

    Suicide Commando, X-Fusion, Noisuf-X, Kombat Unit
  • Top-CDs 2007

    16 May 2007, 18:32

    Don't want to overflow my profile to the left, so it's time for a new journal :]

    Therefore in the following - arranged in alphabetical order - my favourite CDs of the current year until today (status quo: 16th May '07) garnished with my personal opinion. So please, no cursing but of course opinions are allowed ;]

    Top-CDs 2007:
    • ASP:
      [gothic rock]
      Very good sequel of the "der schwarze Schmetterling"- series. But I have to depreciate due to repititions of parts and songs of past sequels.
    • Assemblage 23:
      One of my fav releases this year so far. Rather short but haunting from the beginning to the end.
    • The Crüxshadows:
      [dark wave/synth-pop/electro]
      In fact a very good CD but the Shadows kinda mark time.
    • God Module:
      "Let's go dark"
      [ebm/dark electro]
      Really a good one, though it needed some time for me to really like it.
    • Grendel:
      "Harsh Generation (2 CD Ltd. Edition)"
      This one really bangs one's head off. Great Album, great mixes but rather too short. Nevertheless wicked :D
    • Hearts Of Black Science:
      "The ghost you left behind"
      [dark wave/indie]
      Very interesting kind of music. Nice to chill to.
    • Necessary Response:
      "The blood spills not far from the wound"
      Great release of the side-project of Aesthetic Perfection!
    • Soman:
      A real burner! Listening to such CDs is pure fun :]
    • Virtual Victim:
      [dark electro/ebm]
      Strong and solid debut CD!
    • VNV Nation:
      Very good album for sure, but a little too short and in a few parts a bit uninspired.
    • V.A.:
      "The Vital Terms Of Rupal Records"
      [dark electro/ebm/industrial]
      Awesome compilation with great varied club sounds!
    • X-Fusion:
      "Rotten to the core (3 CD Boxset)"
      [dark electro/ebm/industrial]
      Absolutely one of the best in the todays dark electro genre. Very varied, great atmosphere + good remixes in one great box! be continued...
  • Unmissable upcoming release: X-FUSION - Rotten To The Core

    10 Mar 2007, 16:12

    On April 27th Jan Lehmkämper a.k.a. X-Fusion and Noisuf-X will come up with his next album "Rotten to the core" releaesed on Dark Dimensions/Scanner. On his page you can prelisten to 3 tracks. There will be 3 formats available:
    1. Rotten To The Core [CD/Jewelcase]
    2. Rotten To The Core + Bloody Pictures [2CD limited digipack]
    3. Rotten To The Core + Bloody Pictures + Choir Of Damnation [3CD limited Boxset + Postcard, Sticker and numbered DogTag]

    Rotten To The Core [CD]
    01Drowning In Deep Silence
    02Defiled And Raped
    03Dead End
    04Traitors Of Our Age
    05Pitch Black
    07Reap The Whirlwind
    08Rotten To The Core
    09Vicious Eyes
    10My Inner Storm Blows
    11Death Plan
    13This Gloomy Alleyway

    Bloody Pictures [Bonus CD 2]
    01Gerasas Demoniac
    02Witness Of Your Decease
    03Bloody Pictures
    04Please Kill Yourself
    06My Inner Storm Blows [remixed by Suicide Commando]
    07Rotten To The Core [remixed by Solitary Experiments]
    08Defiled And Raped [remixed by L`âme Immortelle]
    09Pitch Black [remixed by Heimataerde]
    10Dead End [remixed by Run Level Zero]
    11Reap The Whirlwind [remixed by The Eternal Afflict feat. Sara Noxx]
    12Drowning In Deep Silence [remixed by Essexx]

    Choir Of Damnation [Bonus CD 3]
    01Crack Of Dawn
    02Cowardly Being
    03Book Of Lies
    04Death Plan [plan b edit]
    05Choir Of Damnation

    Furthermore he is going to re-release his first 3 albums in new digi-packs!
  • Top-CDs 2006

    5 Ene 2007, 17:56

    I have to clear up my profile on the left for upcoming Top-CDs in the new year, so here are my favs of 2006 :) There have been many great CDs last year divided in albums, EPs & singles and compilations. I tried to limit the best ones to a top 3.
    Many well-known bands but also a lot of newcomers were releasing stuff during last year, the most in the following lists is out of the dark electro-genre. Here innovations have been kind of rare and a lot of groundsolid material was produced. But there were some positive exeptions though :)

    Best Albums:

    It's really hard to name a top 3 here. After some dithering I found my favorites in Die Sektor, IWR, Tactical Sekt, UnterArt, Mantus & Janus. But as the CD of Mantus is a best-of and the one of Janus a re-release, I had only decide between the 4 others. That was also kind of logical, because I was mainly listening to dark electro last year. But I couldn't strike off another artist... that's why 4 albums made it in my top 3 ;)
    • Die Sektor: To Be Fed Upon
      The debut-album of Die Sektor provides 11 absolutely awesome Harsh EBM tracks in perfection. Serious lyrics over brute sounds and tunes create a intoxicating atmosphere only shortly interrupted by some slower ambient-like songs.

    • IWR: Ground Zero (Ltd. Ed.)
      Another debut-CD is the 'Ground Zero'-album by IWR from Israel. A lot of different electro-genres are combined on this album. Ambient tunes meet oldschool EBM mixed with trance and industrial. The result is a more quiet but nevertheless propulsive dark electro-album with a great almost nightmarish atmosphere. Merely you have to take a smear with the additional remix-CD.

    • Tactical Sekt: Syncope (Ltd. Ed.)
      Tactical Sekt's second album is definately one of the best of 2006. 'Syncope' in the limited edition with 20 tracks blows away every listener. From the first second massive electro-power paired with haunting lyrics is blown out of the speakers taht you can't escape from.

    • unterART: Noise & Grace
      UnterArt is one of the most innovating dark electro-bands at the moment. Their first album holds a variety of awesome tracks. You can't prevent yourself from moving to the beats nor from humming along the lyrics. 'Noise & Grace' is a killer!

    • Other great albums of 2006:
    • Amduscia: From Abuse To Apostasy
    • ASP & Chamber: Humility
    • Cyborg Attack: Stoerf***tor
    • davaNtage: Split And Shatter
    • Dawn of Ashes: In The Acts Of Violence
    • Derma-Tek: Corpus Technological
    • Dioxyde: Social Phobia
    • Distorted Memory: Burning Heaven
    • Eisheilig: Elysium
    • Heimataerde: Kadavergehorsam
    • Hioctan: Concentration Overload
    • Inure: Subversive (Ltd. Ed.)
    • Janus: Vater deluxe
    • Life Cried: Drawn+Quartered
    • La Magra: Music For The Living Dead
    • Mantus: Chronik
    • Missratener Sohn: Maximum Hate
    • Muse: Black Holes And Revelations
    • Nurzery[rhymes]: Injections
    • Painbastard: No Need To Worry
    • Placebo: Meds
    • Poets of the Fall: Carnival Of Rust
    • PreEmptive Strike 0.1: Lethal Defence Systems
    • Punto Omega: Nostalgias Del Origen (Ltd. Ed.)
    • Rabia Sorda: Métodos Del Caos
    • Suicide Commando: Bind, Torture, Kill (Ltd. Ed.)
    • Stahlfrequenz: Coma Themes
    • Tamtrum: Elektronic Blakc Mess (Ltd. Ed.)
    • The Retrosic: Nightcrawler (Ltd. Ed.)
    • Unheilig: Moderne Zeiten
    • :Wumpscut:: Cannibal Anthem (Ltd. Ed.)
    • Wynardtage: Evil Mind
    • Zeraphine: Still

    Best EPs & Singles:
    • ASP: Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (CDM parts 1-4)
      Both releases of ASP in 2006 offer unequalled opportunities. 'Ich bin ein wahrer Satan' comes up in a 4-parts-single, everytime with another cover, a song of the 'Krabat'-line and other remixes. And there were also 4 different tokens to collect and to get the fan-single 'Isobel Goudie' at one of the last years concerts. You can't say that ASP is uninspired ;)

    • ASP: Werben (Ltd. Ed.)
      The 'Werben'-EP also convinces with attractive terms. The limited edition-EP is like a radio program. Jingles, interviews with ASP himself and even fictitios telephoners are brought in by a moderator between the songs. Furthermore there are extras like a magnet for the fridge, posters, vinyls and even more!

    • Grendel: Soilbleed Redux-EP
      The Soilbleed-EP was released another time in 2006 but with some changes. Next to the well-known awesome songs like 'Soilbleed v.3', 'Interrogation Leash' or 'Aspiration Feed' there are two new songs and some additional remixes on this EP. Grendel just rocks ;)

    • Other great EPs & singles of 2006:
    • Agonoize: Ultraviolent Six-EP
    • Combichrist: Get Your Body Beat-EP
    • Cyber Whore meets Krachmaschine: Feelings Will Die-EP
    • Heimataerde: Unter der Linden-CDM
    • Hocico: Scars-EP (Bonus CD)
    • Noisuf-X: Tinnitus-EP
    • Rabia Sorda: Save Me From My Curse-CDM
    • Reaper: Angst-EP
    • Supreme Court Featuring Feindflug: We'll F*** You Up!
    • The Crüxshadows: Sophia-CDM
    • Wynardtage meets Acylum: Lords Of Darkness-EP

    Best Compilations:
    • VA:
      Endzeit Bunkertracks Act II
    • VA:
      Accession Records Vol. 3
    • VA:
      Sounds From The Matrix 03
  • ANNIVERSARY - One year on!

    9 Oct 2006, 17:02

    Yaaaaayyyyy!!! Let's celebrate! Please help yourself at the minibar ;)

    Yes, one year on this awesome website - that's a lot of music.. in numbers: approximately 31,000 tracks scrobbled. Regarding my arisen profile since 9th October of last year there had been a lot of different alternative and dark music stuff going through my head. Starting with some , and , proceeding with , and up to the -genre including (mainly the harsh) and .

    One year ago my favourite band clearly was Janus. Nowadays it's a bit more complicated to say what's the one favourite... Anyway it's good to see Mantus as the top-artist of mine. Their music was accompanying me through the last year like no other. Thus it appears that a lot of their titles can be found in my track charts today. Janus still is the persistent follower, but in the last months I did not listen to much of their music. It's about time a new album comes out! (Okay okay, the 'Vater Deluxe'-CD is coming in the next days ;))

    Getting back to the favourites-question... Especially in the past half year more and more electro stuff was blown through my speakers. The motive is easily explained: my founds of music on the one hand and neighbours, friends (here and in the real-life) on the other hand have brought me more and more into the dark electro genre. One year ago there were "only" artists like Hocico or Amduscia. Now Tactical Sekt, Die Sektor and Agonoize have their place in my top 10 and still even more electro-bands are moving upwards in my list and when they sound creative and atmospherical they deserve it all :)

    Well let's see what I will be writing here in another year. I'm very curious about it :)
    And now feel free to take some drinks and fingerfood to celebrate the first anniversary! :)
  • My Top10's history

    25 Sep 2006, 22:30

    This little game-thing I just discovered while browsing in the vastness of and its user's journals.
    Let's take the Top10-artists and remember of the first song heard once several days, months, years... ago, the song we fell in love with and the current favorite song...

    01 Mantus
    First song: "Herr der Welt"
    Fell in Love: "Das Einzige was zählt" ...
    Current Favorite: I think "Die Letzten der Welt"

    02 Janus
    First Song: pooh... I guess "Isaac"
    Fell in Love: "Die Ruhe selbst"
    Current Favorite: hm.. "Der Mörder in mir"

    03 The Crüxshadows
    First Song: "Winter born (this sacrifice)"
    Fell in Love: "Sophia"
    Current Favorite: also "Sophia"

    04 ASP
    First Song: "Welcome"
    Fell in Love: I guess "Me" or "Und wir tanzten (ungeschickte Liebesbriefe)"
    Current Favorite: hm.. "Schwarzer Schmetterling"

    05 Neuroticfish
    First Song: "The bomb"
    Fell in Love: "M.F.A.P.L."
    Current Favorite: "Care (Greek Symphony Version)"

    06 Stendal Blast
    First Song: "Mein Babylon"
    Fell in Love: "Fährmann"
    Current Favorite: also or still "Fährmann"

    07 Agonoize
    First Song: could be "Sacrifice"
    Fell in Love: "Masturbation generation" or "Sheer naked aggression" - whatever
    Current Favorite: "Koprolalie"

    08 Tactical Sekt
    First Song: "Soulless"
    Fell in Love: "Awaken the ghost (final awakening)"
    Current Favorite: clearly "Not entertained"

    09 Deine Lakaien
    Oh, that's easy: First Song, Fell in Love & Current Favorite: "Love me to the end" ^^

    10 Die Sektor
    First Song: "Scraping the flesh (Alternate Mix)"
    Fell in Love: "Follow the screams"
    Current Favorite: I think still "Follow the screams" and also "Deathkill"