• this journal entry no verb

    24 Feb 2006, 16:49

    hahah, i so funny..

  • I spent 2005 with the outcome

    10 Dic 2005, 12:19


    2005 has almost come to an end - time to do a little summary and pick my top10 records this year. i really have to start writing that down and file it for it's surely going to be fun looking at the list in 10 years again. =)

    (note: i know that some of these albums were already released in late 2004 in some countries, but i'm focussing on german release dates)

    top 10 records of the year in chronological order of discovery:

    okay, let's take a closer look. firstly, it is impressive that almost half of my top10 was caused through i've never heard of wolf parade, sufjan stevens, new pornographers or broken social scene before i knew audioscrobbler/ thank you, thank you, thank you.

    audioscrobbler had a such a HUGE effect on me, damn you similar artist function! it was so much stuff to discover, i listened to so many different bands in 2005 - it was a real journey. counts more than 200 artists with more than 10 tracks played.

    if i remember correctly it all started with the arcade fire. overwhelmed by their music i HAD to find more of that stuff, joined indie sex and saw a lot of people seeking for the same. thus, the ball was set rolling: BSS, bell orchestre, stars, final fantasy, wolf parade, death cab for cutie, decemberists, neutral milk hotel, more more more. oh, and what about modest mouse? being my top artist, they seem to be kind of important to me - still i can't remember when i first got in touch with them, surely again through

    back to the ranking: 4 "the"-bands this time, no real rock album (except for the subways, in-your-face rock'n roll as i like to call it). looks like my favourite rock bands did a) not release an album in 2005 or b) just okay-ish ones. the new qotsa, foo fighters, white stripes, soad or mars volta records did not really meet my expectations and i didn't find a lot of other new cool stuff. this is significant as i did listen to rock music a lot in 2004 and before. but they were certain influences which showed me another direction and opened my eyes for different sounds, too. the emphasis lies on the "too", the whole indie pop thingie is an addition, even though a really important one. it's nice to see a certain development on one's musical taste, i wonder where it'll go.

    top 10 songs:

    • 1. The Arcade Fire - Laika
      2. The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
      3. Interpol - Untitled (not 2005, but i have to remember that one)
      4. The Rakes - Work Work Work
      5. Sufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
      6. Stars - Ageless Beauty
      7. The Subways - With You
      8. Bloc Party - Out Of Gas
      9. Broken Social Scene - 7/4
      10. The Cardigans - In The Round

    cool records that didn't make it:

    • - DJ Shadow - Endtroducing (awesome!)
      - Stars - Set Yourself On Fire (Liked it a lot, but didn't loved it)
      - Sigur Ros - Takk.. (great album as always, but again no love)
      - SOAD - Hypnotize (was on the list once, but then i noticed there are more important ones)
      - Soulwax - Nite Versions (dont really know why not)
      - Spitting Of Tall Buildings - s/t (cool punk rock, female singer - yay)
      - The Magic Numbers - s/t
      - Brant Bjork - Saved By Magic
      - The Cardigans - Super Extra Gravity (some really good ones -> "in the round")
      - The Frames - Burn The Maps (awesome, the new old radiohead, wonder why it's not on the list)
      - The Evens - s/t (i somehow get the feeling that i forgot about all the records from early 2005, again great one)
      - Deerhoof - The runners four (like always, fuckin crazy)
      - Oceansize - Everyone Into Position (hype!! due to &
      - The Killers - Hot Fuss (same as for Maximo Park)
      - Wilco - Kicking Television
      - Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock And Roll (FUN!!)
      - Maximo Park - Missing Songs (b-sides own)

    disappointment of the year:

    • Coldplay - X & Y vs. Korn - See You On The Other Side

    awesome surprise of the year:

    • Arular (although i'm usually not into that kind of music, but she really impressed me. haven't heard anything fresh and cutting-edge like this in 2005. kicks ass)

    didnt-listen-even-once-to-a-hype record this year:

    to be continued..
  • the subway rocks.

    27 Sep 2005, 12:37

    Remember the first time you listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Miles Away and Art Star blew us all away and we knew.. this is fuckin rock'n roll.

    Some days ago i stumbled across a band called The Subways. After 5 minutes of research i knew the following: they are young, they are from the UK and on the title page of several music magazines... okay, obvious case: yet another london retro-indie-poprock hype.

    This was partly true. And by partly true, i mean wrong. Totally wrong. These 3 kids do not follow along the lines of the brave bloc park chief killers, they brought us back the rock'n roll we missed.

    Most of the tracks are fast-paced and not longer than 3 minutes and this is a good thing as you can listen to them 5 times in a row without getting bored at all. 2 of my favourites dont even last for 2 minutes (by the way, it's a pitty that I lost you to the city is not part of their debut album. Especially the last 10 seconds of this song are incredibly awesome.).

    But they are not only loud and wild. Sometimes they plug out their instruments and go for some slower songs which - i hate so say that - do remind us of Oasis (this time it's not meant to be a bad example). They function as nice little breaks: take a breath and a sip of water until the next track starts and you can go on and rock.

    The subways are definitely the next big thing.
    "Oh yeah"

    Bloc PartyKaiser ChiefsThe KillersThe BraveryThe Thermals
  • fakten, fakten, fuck ten. k-town exposed!

    13 Sep 2005, 11:19

    10 dinge, die an k-town scheisse sind

    • 1. alte leute wo man nur hinguckt
      2. ergo: keine jungen leute.
      [3. kein späti. $!#/=--> siehe unten!]
      4. nichtmal nen ordentliches kino // fuck astra
      5. lage: dezentral ("suboptimal")
      6. forum-köpenick
      7. ausgehmöglichkeiten? das hdjk?! vielleicht auch noch das FEZ oder was??!!
      8. bekackte DDR-INTERNET-KNEIPEN
      9. forum-köpenick
      10. die gute S47 fährt alle 20 minuten


    • 10a) b-park punks
      10b) videotheken, die keine bud spencer filme haben kann's auch nur hier geben
      10c) krankenhaus? notaufnahme? alternativ kann man sich auch 20 minuten auffen bahnhof setzen, ne stunde nach spandau fahren und sich dort verarzten lassen
      10d) mittelalterliche öffnungszeiten der copy shops

    10 dinge, die an k-town geil sind

    • 1. N65 fährt vom hackeschen direkt nach spindlersfeld
      2. MAC's Döner
      3. b-park
      4. no ebil checker stressmacher gangsta
      5. m-heim ist noch mehr am arsch
      6. kaisers verkauft afri
      7. wir.
      8. keine kontrolleure der bvg, warum auch?
      9. kein bezirk sieht schöner aus <3
      10. knorkator
      10a. DOCH NEN SPÄTI!

    nachtrag, januar 2006: seit geraumer zeit befindet sich ein geräumiger """blumenladen""" direkt am bahnsteig s-spindlersfeld. (fyi: sterni 52 cent)