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24 Dic 2010, 16:54

Bathory full-length
The Return of the Darkness and Evil full-length
Under the Sign of the Black Mark full-length
Blood Fire Death full-length
Hammerheart full-length
Twilight of the Gods full-length
Requiem full-length
Octagon full-length
Blood on Ice full-length
Destroyer of Worlds full-length
Nordland I full-length
Nordland II full-length
Jubileum Volume I compilation
Jubileum Volume II compilation
Jubileum Volume III compilation

Birch Book
Birch Book full-length
Fortune & Folly full-length
A Hand Full of Days full-length
Tomorrow's Sun Will Rise the Same full-length

The Birthday Massacre
Violet EP
Looking Glass EP
Imaginary Monsters EP
Nothing & Nowhere full-length
Walking With Strangers full-length
Pins and Needles full-length

Black Happy Day
In the Garden of Ghostflowers full-length

Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Remnants single
The first pain to linger EP
The Pleasures Everlasting EP
The Rope full-length
Mesmerized by the Sirens full-length
Ashes in the Brittle Air full-length
This Lush Garden Within full-length
Remnants of a Deeper Purity full-length
As one aflame laid bare by desire full-length
The Scavenger Bride full-length
Halo Star full-length
10 Neurotics full-length
With A Million Tear-Stained Memories compilation

Black Wreath
A Pyre of Lost Dreams full-length

Blackmore's Night
Shadow Of The Moon full-length
Under A Violet Moon full-length
Fires At Midnight full-length
Ghost Of A Rose full-length
The Village Lanterne full-length
Winter Carols full-length
Secret voyage full-length
Autumn Sky full-length

Blade Fetish
Absinthe full-length

Vane full-length

Blue Angel
Blue Angel full-length

Black Roses single
Forever single
No Eternity single
My Saviour single
Dancing In The Light (Forsaken) single
Dancing In The Light (Solitary) single
Winter Of My Life single
Promised Land single
Reich Mir Die Hand single
Über den Horizont single
Mein Babylon single
The Oxidising Angel EP
Soultaker EP
Child Of Glass full-length
Seelenschmerz full-length
Angel Dust full-length
Demon Kiss full-length
Labyrinth full-length
Schwarzes Eis full-length
Tränenherz full-length

犬と月 single
Daisy single
Take Me In single
Thinking Of You single
Tonight, the Night single
Last Kiss single
A Perfect Sky single
Water Me single
鐘を鳴らして single
Joy/Happy Ending single
カイト single
Blue Jam full-length
Heaven's Kitchen full-length
evil and flowers full-length
Let Go full-length
Just a Girl full-length
Present full-length
Even So full-length
Golden Tears full-length
REMINISCENCE full-length
Thinking Out Loud full-length
ONE full-length
Dear Diary full-length
Back Room -BONNIE PINK Remakes full-length
Bonnie's Kitchen #1 compilation
Bonnie's Kitchen #2 compilation
Every Single Day -Complete BONNIE PINK (1995-2006)- compilation

Breathe Stone
Hex Thistle full-length

Brendan Perry
Eye of the Hunter full-length
Ark full-length

Brídín Brennan
Eyes Of Innocence full-length

Burhan Öçal
Groove Alla Turca full-length

Aske EP
Burzum full-length
Det Som Engang Var full-length
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss full-length
Filosofem full-length
Dauði Baldrs full-length
Hliðskjálf full-length
Belus full-length
Fallen full-length

Zombie Influx full-length


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