• Dead Pilot uber news update on for once.

    2 Ago 2009, 11:02



    Full length CD album from Jerome aka Message to Bears, Oxfords premiere ambient folker. Here he brings us 10 tracks of his gorgeous acoustic guitar driven melancholy, begining with the the aptly titled "Running Through Woodland", the track sets a menacing pace with layers of guitars and cellos. "Hidden Beneath" is driven by a stomping pulse and delightful percussion. Plenty of glock action and viola sweeps, uplifting choral vocals and delicate piano lines, this is Jerome at his finest yet, showcasing a brilliant melodic ability, combing classical instrumentation into a folk/pop structure taking cues from bands such as Explosions in the Sky. This is an album that will leave you speechless every time you listen as you uncover new hidden details, textures and melodies. I couldn't be prouder to release this.

    500 copies on PRO REPLICATED CD (not CDR) housed in an arigato pak, with insert. Hand numbered, each with an individual old photography and all wrapped in brown paper, hand stamped and tied with string, which perfectly compliments the music.


    2 x CDr compilation of drone based compositions, limited to 250 copies packaged in white arigato pak. Cover text by Royal Train. Insert and disc art by Stefan Kushima.



    01. Andrew Weathers - Shark's Constant Motion
    02. Brain Grainger - Inkstain Ribbon Skyline
    03. Euhedral - Drowning Static
    04. Royal Train - When You Return
    05. Operations - Dominic I
    06. Nicholas Szczepanik - Underwater Landslide


    01. Rogaland Hot Club - Electronic Spaghetti
    02. Apalusa - Too Much Nothing Is Good For Nothing
    03. Textured Bird Transmission - A Victorian Lady in an Orange Frock Runs Into The Sea In Pursuit of Her Ball
    04. Wereju - The Way Your Heart Sounds
    05. Stefan Kushima - Transcendental Action Energie
    06. Ekca Liena - Cities in Flight

    Over 2 hours of drone works ranging from the pulsating doom ambience of Euhedral to the celestial tones of Ekca Liena.


    Cylon is danish musician and net label co-founder Jannick Schou. I first heard his music through Ian who runs Heat Death, who sent me a copy of a demo Jannick had sent him. I was instantly in love with what I heard; 6 tracks of totally amazing subtle ambiance. I'm pretty lost for words when I think about this release, but I can say that it is totally ethereal and mesmerizing. I have lost my self in this album several times and each time I discovered new depths to it. It sounds like floating in clouds, it really does. Magical, elegant and uplifting; Jannick has created something really wonderful here and it gives me great pleasure to release it.

    Limited to just 250 copies, packaged in a hand numbered and hand stamped 4 panel recycled card digipak with inserts.

    Check out Jannicks free release here:

    Head over to his myspace to hear 3 tracks from the album.

    ...and keep your eye out for more from Jannick in the future.


    Stray Ghost - An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues (Pre order package with bonus disc and t shirt)
    Ekca Liena - Sleep Paralysis


    Ekca Liena
    Stray Ghost
    Message To Bears
    Brain Grainger
    Royal Train
    Stefan Kushima
    An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues
    Dead Pilot Records
    [event=]Pins and Needles (Message to Bears and Stray Ghost LIVE)[/event]
    Message to Bears LIVE VIDEO
  • 1877 and Bjerga/Iversen out now PLUS Message to Bear Pre-orders!!

    13 Abr 2009, 12:37

    Hi all, I trust the Easter weekend is treating you well? Here’s something else for your sweet tooth.

    1877 - I Am An Antagonist

    Brand new single from Bucks based noise rock/art pop crusaders 1877.

    Title track “I Am Antagonist” sees the band build from up tempo electro beats to walls of synths and feedback, with a deep underlining melancholy. Think Fuck Buttons meets Joy Division with a hint of Mogwai.

    The second track on the disc is a post punk electro rock bliss out, entitled “Narcolepsy”.


    “I’m picking up a definite shift towards post punk artists like Kraftwerk, New Order and the like at the moment. And 1877 are one of the better bands to emerge from this gene pool. The electronic drums and snapping snare are pinned tight back and allow the phasing synths and streams of guitar to eddy around the deliberately low mixed vocals. It’s Depeche Mode picking a fight with Trent Reznor. It’s very dark. It’s very mesmeric. It’s very good.”

    “Serious, strong stuff on 1877’s debut release. Antagonist begins with electronic percussion and keyboards before the guitars come in backing submerged Curtis inflected vocals. Cold and powerfully arranged the instruments mesh and splinter menacingly.
    B side Narcolepsy is, if possible, even more intense. Guitar and Bass drive relentlessly reminding the reviewer of Sumner and Hook on Interzone. True to its title, the track carries a bleak Burroughsian menace which has gone unheard in music for far too long.
    Chris Stanley in The-Mag wrote, “They carry a genuine menace and intensity”. I can only, totally, wholeheartedly agree. Excellent!”



    Limited to 100 copies, packaged in classic Dead Pilot windowed card digipak.

    Bjerga/Iversen - The Luminous Disc In The Sky

    Legendary experimental droners Bjerga/Iversen need no introduction. They’ve been on the scene for years now and have truly honed their sound to perfection. They’ve had releases on all the great DIY/CDr labels and have now they’ve contributed to Dead Pilot.

    Here they present a static tinged minimalism piece that ranges from deep buzzing tones to industrial wails to crippled electronics. A murky drift through a ruined future. Deep, and highly recommended if you’ve checked out the Hourglass Drops/Wereju and Dead Wood/Phantom Heron Seas splits.

    Packaged in a lush hand stamped blue envelope with paper wallet and textured paper insert, limited to 50!


    I am now taking PRE-ORDERS for the brand new Message to Bears full length album entitled “Departures”. It will be out on a pro replicated CD (not CDr!) and packaged in a fancy Arigato Pak. This will be the first real CD out on Dead Pilot and I couldn’t be happier that it will be for Jerome’s amazing music. I expect everything to be ready to ship sometime in May but of course I will keep you posted throughout the project.

    Thank you all for your continued interest and support!!

    Message To Bears
  • dead pilot records wants to release real cds

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    so please go to the following web store and purchase some items.
  • i'm no longer a subscriber.

    15 Dic 2008, 21:24

    and i can't even tell the difference.
  • Message to Bears - EP1

    18 Oct 2008, 12:23

    Message to Bears is the alias of Oxford based ambient folker Jerome Alexander. EP1 was originally self released by Jerome back in 2007, but it quickly sold out as it's popularity spread. After appearing on the very first Dead Pilot release, I knew I wanted to work with Jerome further, so a re-release of EP1 was the perfect option to go for. Describing Jeromes music as ambient folk is only scratching the surface as so many influences can be heard in every aspect of his music. The only way I feel I can get close to giving you any idea of the sound of Message to Bears is to ask you to imagine Explosions in the Sky on acoustic guitars being led by Max Richter, playing your favourite song, on a hill top under the shadow of a tree, on a perfect summer evening. It's uplifting, nostaligc, hopefull, calm and it lives in you.

    Message To BearsEP1
  • Lähtö - Shadows of What We Were Re-release with BONUS TRACKS!

    5 May 2008, 20:42

    Shadows Of What We Were (Re-Release)


    £6. 50 UK/EUROPE
    £7. 50 ROW

    Thank you

  • good evening

    2 May 2008, 20:50

    there's a first time for everything.

    i hope to use this regularly to post news about dead pilot and drone poets, as well as for new musical discoveries/purchases.

    i can see it drifting off into the far corners of my mind very quickly though. or perhaps not.


    dead pilot records is a short run, diy/cdr label run solely by myself. so far there has been releases from Operations, A Genuine Freakshow, Cam Deas and Stray Ghost. there is a split series in the works too, the first of which was between two masters of drone/noise, Red Needled Sea and Appes. in the works is a re-release of a stunning free download album by Lähtö,Shadows Of What We Were (Re-Release) . in actual fact, that is out in a matter of days. it features 3 bonus tracks and the first 20 versions come with a set of photographs by Lähtö himself and special artwork by my friend James Laurie. due out out also in a matter of days is a wonderfully diy/lofi acoustic album by Me With Others. after woulds is an album by an amazing artist, The Doom Riot. for more info check the link to your left or go to Dead Pilot Records.

    in the works is some fantastic stuff. a re-release of EP1 and a continuation of the split series from Message To Bears and The Soul's Release.

    there's other stuff too but most of it's un confirmed or quite far off. remember, i run dead pilot by myself aside a full time job and friends and family commitments so things aren't exactly "quick" but the warm feeling i get from releasing some great music is worth it.


    drone poets is my newly conceived net label focusing on lengthy drone based ambient/noise/minimalism/layers etc.. anyone is invited to submit to this. find out more on the link to your left.


    lastly, i am forever expanding my musical taste. at the moment i am highly into drone amongst other things. my current favourites (despite what tells you) are:

    Natural Snow Buildings / TwinSisterMoon / Isengrind
    Romance of Young Tigers
    A Tribe Called Quest
    This Will Destroy You
    Aidan Baker
    Peter Wright
    Birchville Cat Motel

    that's it for now. new series of peep show beings tonight, i must prepare myself.

    yours scrobbling,