alternative rock amazing and is getting worse and not all the prayers in the world could save us anthem anthemic as in love with you as i am awesome badass beautiful best of the year british britpop brutaly seductive can you feel it coming can you hear me calling catchy i guess classic cool cool as hell dick in yo face diplo dont say that you love me dreamy drum loving drunk sailor dusty would be proud epic even marie antoinette like it favorites 2012 fuck you joanna newsom fucking awesome fun genius glam grunge cello guilty pleasure happy haunting he doesnt care about me here comes the summer i cried for you in the kitchen floor i dont throw parties but if i did i hope it dont get ugly i love you alex james i want to rock n roll i will be yours sunday i wish i was lindsay buckingham i wish they played this stuff in nightclubs im not sure of this but how catchy it is im so gay indie party its about love isn it its actuallly about you its almost orgasmic just listen to this kick ass kick ass bass love at first listen love you more than those bitches before makes me happy masterpiece michael would be proud my sad time new monkeys nice start now this is how you start an album ooohh just fuck me already passive me agressive you perfect perfection please dont take him raw rock n roll sex sexy she is fake but the song is great she mean every word shes wild man simple and fun sing it sister smile smooth so stevie songs for those without any game songs to fall in love to soundtrack to my gay life story of my life summer temazo musica para caminar lento mientras miras a los demas pasar this is punk for the new millenium this should be played in nightclubs this song is sex uk uplifting walking song want you to be my prize what if i take my problems to the united nations you need to hear this you werent perfect but you made life worth it