• Flipping through artists on the iPod

    19 Dic 2006, 3:32

    today looking for something to listen to. I came across Donovan, and thought - I never really listened to their albums much, and I have 3 of them. So I grabbed their greatest hits and found a gem that I really like called Colours. I love it when you discover amazing music that you already have and have just been to busy to discover.
  • Keane, Magnet, Jack Johnson

    25 Nov 2006, 4:33 has sent me into a tailspin of finding new artists and songs. The latest new favorites include Keane, Magnet, Jack Johnson, Joe Purdy, Get Set Go. My favorite song at this exact moment is Lay Lady Lay by Magnet, which I discovered on Jason's iPod at a poker game last friday. We should trade iPods more often, because it seemed to be a whole new discover of music listening to playlists arranged by someone else for a change. Even songs that I have listened to a hundred times sounded great, because of the anticipation of not knowing what song was going to come next. Some other songs that I am loving right now:

    Everybody's Changing

    Upside Down

    Can't Get It Right Today