And You'll Know This [a greatest of QOTSA cd; compiled by dave]


23 Dic 2005, 0:43


  • elayah

    Wheres Meducation ? :)

    23 Dic 2005, 11:24
  • unowned

    needs give the mule what he wants and the sky is falllling

    24 Dic 2005, 3:31
  • pheasant_kicker

    I agree with most, except it needs I Never Came and Better Living Through Chemistry... it's awesome that they have such a brilliant depth of tracks that those songs can be left out... wow

    25 Dic 2005, 3:39
  • Smooth_Cak3

    A couple of B-sides wouldn't hurt this list, such as Infinity , The Bronze, and Like a Drug.

    15 Feb 2006, 1:29
  • soapbacon

    Auto Pilot or In the Fade would be good additions, or maybe Hangin Tree. Something slower and sung my Lanegan or Oliveri, I know youve got Song for the Dead on there but another couple wouldnt hurt

    17 Sep 2006, 11:48
  • killerscene

    Needs: In the Fade Better Living Through Chemistry The Bronze Born to Hula

    4 Oct 2006, 23:51
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