Ride on so Wankerous


7 Ago 2008, 10:51

I'm sick of haters hanging shit on DragonForce. Its petty, its unfair and its pretentious. "Oh," they exclaim, "Dragonforce is just so wanky and stupid." Here's a list of my reasons for listening to Dragonforce:

1. They're stupid
2. They're wanky

"But Crush," they retort in shrill nasal tones, "they just talk shit about dragons and fire and shit." Did this arsehole go out and see "Don't Mess with the Zohan" for its exploration of the human condition and its heart-wrenching pathos? No, you saw it because you wanted a cheap laugh. If you want to air guitar, headbang and squeeze your nutsack (or femcrotch) with one hand while holding a beer aloft like He-Man's powerlance in the other, you listen to Dragonforce. Heaping shit on them because you're a wanker that would've rather seen Dragonforce laughing off the idea of forming themselves in the first place is your problem. Not Dragonforce's.

Indie kids who serve up a slice of a slice of suburban life, reconstituted with a side of angst can go fuck themselves. I'd just as rather tape record myself doing fuck all and play it back at trendy cafes and Brunswick St. bars. Dragonforce, if anything, should be commended for making music that casts no illusions on what they're attempting to create. In that case, Hail Dragonforce!

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  • stalfithrildi

    Dare i say it, but this sounds like it could be post-elitist, you know...

    7 Ago 2008, 12:47
  • crushtor

    I'll be sure to tell them that when I interview them next week, Lou.

    7 Ago 2008, 14:42
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