Top 5 Songs of 2011 right now


13 Nov 2011, 2:53

1. Curren$y ft. Freddie Gibbs - Scottie Pippens
My description: that fuzzy green prescription
Lying if I saying that I isn't
If you looking for that nigga: I is him
All eyes in this direction, a burden and a blessing

This song is easily the best that Curren$y has put out in his short, but illustrious, career. The beat by Alchemist is absolutely haunting and truly makes you think that some hard ass motherfuckers are about to lay down some lines. Curren$y delivers some of the best lyrics of his career, including the gem above.
Stay with the purp out of pizo stay smackin these niggas needles
Stay running the rock just like I play quarterback for the Eagles
Randall, Donovan, to Michael
'Fore I picked up this mic I was hittin licks with some Lords and did dirt with plenty Disciples

However, it's Freddie Gibbs that makes this song a classic. Gangsta Gibbs demolishes this beat with the best verse of his career. Pretty much every line is a classic, but the four above would be my favorite. The Eagles line is amazing wordplay and shows how great a lyricist Gibbs can be. I also have to say that the beat seems made for Gibbs. It goes so well with his voice and flow.

2. Kendrick Lamar ft. Schoolboy Q - The Spiteful Chant
Everybody heard that I fuck with Dre
And they wanna tell me, I made it
Nigga I ain't made shit
If he gave me a handout
I'mma take his wrist and break it

The lines above might be the most powerful uttered in any hip hop song this year. Lamar lays down the truth for anyone thinking he's made it because of Dre cosigning him. He hasn't made it yet, and he wants everyone else to know that too. Schoolboy is on the track as well and delivers a fire verse near the end.

3. Tech N9ne ft. Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Ceza, JL B Hood, U$o, D-Loc, & Twisted Insane - Worldwide Choppers
Tech is hostile, he’s awful
He really be wicked when he off in the bottle
You wit’ it, you dig it, you never lost the apostle
He’s thinkin’ he give it the Poe and toss it Picasso
Killin’ everybody off is the motto
And I be the only chopper that’s tossed in the brothel

Tech N9ne delivers the song with, probably, the most guest artists this year. It's also one of the best songs this year. Every single person on this track delivers the fast-paced goods. Even Yelawolf, who I am hardly a fan of, goes nuts and raps his ass off on this song. The track even features rappers from Denmark and Turkey who deliver the goods as well. I just wish I could understand them.

4. Ab-Soul ft. Schoolboy Q - Hell Yeah
*Still mobbin* deep like Havoc and Prodigy
Trynna document an odyssey for every *eye to see*
Hell yea I know they trynna rewrite the constitution
I'm still rollin blunts drunk as fuck stuck on stupid
Hell yeah I'm bout that, you can't tell my nig?
Long term I got a legacy to leave my kids

The second song on this list featuring Schoolboy Q is almost as good as the last one. The two Black Hippy members combine to absolutely slay this track. Ab-Soul delivers some of the most clever lyrics you've heard in a long while. The chorus is also infectiously catchy and will be stuck in your head for days. And of course Schoolboy kills it on his verse.

5. Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - John
That banana clip, let Chiquita speak
Dark shades, Eazy E, five letters, YMCMB
Bitch ass nigga, pussy ass nigga
I see ya looking, with ya looking ass nigga
You know the rules, kill them all and keep moving
If I died today it’d be a holiday

I can already feel the hate coming for including this. Too bad that I couldn't care less. The fact remains that no other track this year can come close to matching how hype this one makes you feel. The beat is amazing, Wayne delivers verses where you can actually understand what he's saying, the chorus will be ingrained in your head for years, and Officer Ricky bodies the track with some of his best verses ever. It all forms into a track that still gets me hype, no matter how much I've heard it.


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