Week 6 - Sabrepulse - Famicom Connection


30 Abr 2007, 20:38

The lovely peter is busy with coursework so i'm posting this weeks journal... if it's crap or i quoted you out of context don't shout at me, i'm only the temp :S

props to pete for doing these, they actually take a lot longer than i thought
Chosen by: jimmysheldon

Average rating: 4.6

Summary of individual reviews and ratings:

SuperNomad (rating 4)

I enjoyed a lot of the tracks, ... it was a really fun listen ... but it’s marred slightly by harsh 8-bit sounds.

  • "The has album wide range of different styles and they never really take on a distinctive theme."

  • "I would have preferred to have seen more ‘slower’ tracks"

  • "I enjoyed a lot of the tracks, I thought it was a really fun listen and there was one track that I didn’t like (‘Enter Chip Warrior’), but it’s marred slightly by harsh 8-bit sounds."

luke33 (rating 3)

I found it really hard to listen to more than two of these songs in a row, and even hard to block it out as background noise .. If I were marking the album on originality ... I would give it a higher score

  • "The music in this record really got annoying, and i'm sad to say, that after listening to a couple of tracks, I always found myself putting something else"

  • "As I said earlier, I found it really hard to listen to more than two of these songs in a row, and even hard to block it out as background noise, which is annoying."

  • "I will not listen to Sabrepulse again, and I shall probably delete it from my computer as soon as I have finished this."

cowboymart (rating 4)

some really fun tracks but it doesn't really cut-it for me as an album. It's more of a collection.

  • "I had a lot of fun listening though ... I'll keep the album and i'll probably grab the other album (forget the name) but I doubt I'll be a frequent listener."

  • "Nostalgic samples coupled with upbeat dance music made for some fun listening :)"

  • "The thing that pulled down my rating is that whilst the music is really fun it doesn't really blend together as an album, and the point of WEIVER is to review albums."

jimmysheldon (rating 5)

I think it is the album’s lack of structure, focus and overall impression that lets it down. I am definitely going to keep listening to Sabrepulse, .. songs that can make me want to dance ... cannot be ignored.

  • "Famicom Connection is never going to be the greatest album of all time, just as Sabrepulse is never going to be the greatest artist of all time"

  • "this album should not be considered as a great concept album or anything like that, but maybe more as tracks by the same artist."

  • "I can see how easily this kind of music could get repetitive, but for me Famicom Connection manages to maintain variety and energy throughout."

brighteyes31 (rating 7)

i really enjoyed the music this week, even if the album was very hard to swallow in one bite ... i loved it!

  • "i was amazed at how chirpy and cheesy it was. Cheesy in a cool way"

  • "the entire album as very hard to listen to all at once"

  • "For some, this music wont suit them but in this case, i loved it! Little something different from the usual guitars innit."

pdar (rating 4)

I have enjoyed Famicom Connection but I am familiar with this kind of sound. I hope Sabrepulse develops and builds on what he has

  • "When listening I often feel a wave of nostalgia especially when entering the second half."

  • "50 minutes of 8-bit repeatative pop simply cannot make a great album. There were quite a few songs I did enjoy, but there were also several fillers"

  • "The sounds themselves barely modify or alter throughout the whole album. However I think this adds coherence more than anything."

mustardandgravy (rating 6.28)

With regard to the rating of this album, i don't believe it would be justifible to give it a 7 or over. Those numbers are reserved for true works of art

  • "think it is pretty clear that 8bit music will never really become mainstream. The samples, mashed together, can annoy some people"

  • "There probably isn't any logic between what can make this sort of album enjoyable; i just like it. It's fun. Although, it doesn't sway me either way - i also think the album does have some sort of emotion"

  • "The artist himself would probably agree; his creation isn't going to win any musical awards - but what he has created is effective in being enjoyable."

RapTorx1337x (rating 6)

not sure if there's any point summarising this, might aswell post the whole review haha, but here it goes

As a complete ninten-whore, this was great to hear some old NES (Family Computer / Famicom) tunes getting the hardcore beat-tastic techno mega-mix upgrade

  • "sadly the album is not quite what it could be, as one would expect from mainly 8-bit rampages"

  • "If you cannot take the constant eardrum ache from the bass , one should definitely take a break, one needs their ears. However if you can take it(like me), you would think the album is just one giant track nearly with just some brief gaps to the next crazy beat"

  • "Overall I will give this a 6 out of ten, wish i could give it more, but the slight lack of variety killed it"

Birks (rating 4)

it’s pretty poor, and is saved from getting absolutely mullered rating-wise on the basis of a few good tracks

  • "Novelty and nostalgia. Two words. They both begin with N. They both can be brilliant. They both can be massively overrated and overused."

  • "The theory behind this album is interesting. Using unadulterated samples from (S)NES games as the main instrument over a bed of heavy, but versatile beats."

  • "here’s no way that this can really be called an album in contrast to a collection of songs. The fact that there are two remixes latched onto the end proves that this is"

incendarypunk (rating 3)

sure, some of the songs are fun. but i fail to see how someone could sit down, listen to this album, and think "yea this is really good"

  • "in all honesty i don't believe it could be rated higher than 5 or 6"

  • "i'm a fan of drum n bass, and at times is was nice to hear some breakbeats in the background, but the '8 bit' sounds just got boring after a while."

  • "sure, some of the songs are fun. but i fail to see how someone could sit down, listen to this album, and think "yea this is really good""

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  • jimmysheldon

    beautiful mart, well done for standing in for pete. only 9 people reviewed? standard deviation is 1.26 is we're still doing it.

    30 Abr 2007, 23:14
  • luke33

    Like the new format :)

    1 May 2007, 8:18
  • cowboymart

    ahhhh i forgot mikes, there were 10, sorry! added it now

    1 May 2007, 13:17
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