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Nujabes + Fat Jonaruarian dance Hace 2 horas
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world supreme funky fellows 21021 Dub Hace 3 horas
Fat JonAdhara Tema favorito Hace 3 horas
MIDICRONICABlue Velvet Hace 3 horas
Pase RockOld Light(voices from 93 million miles away remix) Hace 3 horas
NujabesSea of Cloud Hace 3 horas
MINMISTEP Hace 3 horas
Fat JonIn Position Hace 3 horas
Force of NatureSet It Off Hace 3 horas
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  • Brek

    Yeah, I've been to my share of gigs. :D Saw Free the Robots at Venetian Snares at Dour festival.

    9 Nov 13:01 Responder
  • Ali-Red

    y-you too...

    30 Oct 7:16 Responder
  • Seperat0r

    I guess I remember Aphex Twin fans from the 90's. They could be particularly pretentious and full of themselves. The ones I knew were mostly musty ass nerds and Quake players and MTG players. Granted I was kinda one of them, but I always hated the stench of elitism. And the people that were online in the early 90's were not the type to ever have anything nice to say. Nowadays music fanbases aren't so rigid in their memberships and you can certainly find positive folks who are into anything. But yeah, once winter kicks in I'm gonna get around to finding every RDJ release. I've been putting it off for a while and I'm really tired of only having the Aphex Twin releases on my computer. I would've been a better fan of his if I'd had all his stuff. If I can't find one big download with all of them I'll just put my own together and post it, but I've never really been on the uploading side so It could end up being quite the project.

    29 Oct 8:52 Responder
  • Ezekiel22

    Yes, I ended up going and it was a blast. On Friday I started of with Lykke Li which was a great and smooth performance. Then I checked out MillionYoung cause I'm a big fan of his. Thundercat's performance was stellar. And then Flying Lotus just came and blew everyone away with his amazing visuals and stage set up. I tried to check out RJD2 but that room was filled from wall to wall, so I heard a song or 2 and then left. Saturday I saw Chet Faker which was mellow and then stayed inside for Metronomy. My brother Methods rocked the outside stage by the bus and then I ended the evening with Jamie XX. I had been partying since Thursday so I didn't have the energy to make it out on Sunday, lol. Plus the only artists I truly wanted to see that day was Kaytranada and Com Truise. All in all I thought it was a very well-balanced festival.

    14 Oct 16:12 Responder
  • str8edgemike

    thanks I will! You're referring to Songs from the Box right? I actually graduated with a couple of the band members!

    12 Oct 13:38 Responder
  • Seperat0r

    Yesss. That hasitleaked page is what got me started on this, they validated me so much on all this fake Syro business. Like Aphex Twin fans can be such shitty, purist, elitist fuckboys and they were the ones completely writing off the fake leak. I swear I've been dealing with them since I was ten years old. Like their superiority complexes were preventing them from even listening to the fake leak, despite it being one of the most technically proficient electronic albums I've ever heard. This whole situation is super exciting and profound to me and they just want everything to happen by the book, in accordance with the laws of the recording industry, when that's nOT WHAT RDJ IS ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    9 Oct 22:51 Responder
  • forfeh

    That's out of context. I was referring to the music of Subaeris - which has no sampling of the typical materials. It's just starry-bright Ambient on Future Garage beats.

    29 Sep 22:33 Responder
  • RaggaR

    Thanks. Thanks for the friend add! Nice tastes! :)

    29 Sep 13:42 Responder
  • forfeh

    Huh? What are you talking about? Vaporwave can ONLY be sample based. If it's not, it's Fringewave of some sort.

    29 Sep 8:17 Responder
  • Seperat0r

    Yes, but were you listening to the fake leaked version or the real Syro version? I honestly like the fake leak album much more than the real Syro and truly believe that RDJ made both of them.

    19 Sep 1:16 Responder
  • butters77

    You're right: the latest Thievery Corp album is really nice! :-)

    17 Sep 19:06 Responder
  • tape_rewinder

    Thank you! Very nice library you've got there.

    22 Ago 10:05 Responder
  • Oliveeeeeeeeer

    thanks, buddy, I like your library too. I see you enjoy Floex as well - I don't see enough love for that Tomas Dvorak fellow.

    19 Ago 0:44 Responder
  • CupOfSquirrels

    How horrifying.

    18 Jun 2012 Responder
  • CupOfSquirrels

    No, though I did used to have an Archer avatar (Did you ask me about that, too? I forget).

    15 Jun 2012 Responder
  • Brek

    Your lib looks great as well. Always nice to see people listening to 40 winks. Antwerp massive! :D

    14 Jun 2012 Responder
  • Ezekiel22

    Lol. Cheers!

    14 Jun 2012 Responder
  • CupOfSquirrels

    This only pleases me.

    12 Jun 2012 Responder
  • Im2Jazzy4U

    hi...thanks for your visit...interesting and quite eclectic library you have here...peace and happy weekend, Jazzy

    6 Abr 2012 Responder
  • appidydafoo

    Swat Kats, awesome! I distinctly remember an episode where they went back into the past, or the alternate universe controlled by the "evil" wizard. Of course the plot device of their ship breaking & needing to be repaired to ensure victory was still featured prominently. Samurai Pizza Cats was another good one from the early 90's. I kinda feel bad for kids growing up today, we had a huge amount of psychedelic cartoons to consume, even if the production values were a little unbalanced. Aside from reruns of Tartakovsky & Faust productions, most contemporary US cartoons are awful. At least Faust is still killing it with MLP. In retrospect I suppose our parents probably thought the same thing in context of the ultimate classics, Merry Melodies.

    8 Feb 2012 Responder
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I make music under the name, Joonsa.

I've seen these guys perform in person:

Abstract Science DJ's (1)
Amon Tobin (1x)
Anamanaguchi (1x)
Andrew Bird (1, 2)
Aziz Ansari (1)
Badbadnotgood (1x)
Beat Culture (1x)
Black Moth Super Rainbow (1)
Black Sheep (1x)
Blackbird Blackbird (1x)
Blockhead (1)
Bob Moses (1)
Bonobo (1, 2)
Booker T Jones (1x)
Cave (1, 2, 3)
Chalk (1)
Chris Hardwick (1)
Com Truise (1, 2)
Connectedness Locus (1, 2)
Crystal Castles (1, 2)
Cut Chemist (1x)
Cut Copy (1x)
DJ Demchuck (1, 2)
DJ DZA (1)
DJ Krush (1x)
Daedelus (1, 2)
Dark Fog (1x)
Dosh (1, 2)
Earth, Wind & Fire (1)
Electric Children (1x)
Emancipator (1x)
Eskmo (1)
Flying Lotus (1)
Gold Panda (1x)
Hannibal Buress (1)
heRobust (1x)
Hott Lunch (1x)
I Fight Dragons (1, 2)
Jeff Ross (1)
Jon Langford (1x)
John Talabot (1)
Kastle (1x)
Kid Koala (1)
Kitsune Soundsystem (1x)
♡kitty♡ (1
Kodak To Graph (1x)
LAKE R▲DIO (1, 2)
Lorn (1, 2)
Louis C.K. (1)
Lykke Li (1)
Mac DeMarco (1)
Mavis Staples (1x)
Methods (1)
Metronomy (1)
MillionYoung (1)
Mucca Pazza (1x)
nnnnnnnnnn (1x)
Navigateur (1x)
Neon Indian (2x)
Nestrogen (1x)
Ono (1x)
Opeth (1x)
PANDAstar (1x)
Passion Pit (1, 2)
Plastic Crimewave Sound (2x)
Pogo (1)
Protomen (1x)
Purity Ring (1x)
Quadratic (1)
Quantic (1x)
Rabble Rabble (1x)
Red Plastic Buddha (1x)
Reggie Watts (1, 2)
Rudy Rude Hernandez + Mike Mass (1x)
Santiago Caballero (1)
Shigeto (1x)
Shlohmo (1x)
Spies On Bikes (1x)
Star Slinger (1x)
Starfucker (1)
Teengirl Fantasy (1x)
The Eternals (1x)
The Great Society Mind Destroyers (2x)
The Marshmalow Ghosts (1)
The Octopus Project (1)
The Pharcyde (1x)
The Protomen (1x)
Thievery Corporation (1, 2)
Thundercat (1)
Trey Frey (1x)
Two Door Cinema Club (1x)
The Twelves (1)
Verma (3x)
Washed Out (1x)
Xanopticon (1x)

Bucket List:

Hudson Mohawke
Jon Kennedy
Kola Kid
Luke Vibert
Mike Paradinas
Richard D. James
Sufjan Stevens
The Cinematic Orchestra
Venetian Snares

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