The Jesus in Space Compilation by Killredrocketrecords


7 Mar 2010, 17:37

The Jesus in Space Compilation by Killredrocketrecords

По моему отличный сборник из 38 треков различных групп, пытающихся достучаться в стилях Shoegaze, Psyche, Electronica, Noise, Lo-Fi, Punk.

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Space Jesus is here to save you from lame generic garbage music by taking you on a musical journey into the farthest regions of SPACE! Here you will find a diverse collection of the newest sounds of Shoegaze, Psyche, Electronica, Noise, Lo-Fi, Punk, Rock, Ambient Indie music from around the world here to save your musical soul! Space Jesus is here to spread the gospel of good music to the universe, and encourages YOU to do the same! Tell all of your friends the saviour has arrived and it is a time of jubilation and redemption! 2010 will be the year of our lord!!!!!!!
01. Sixteen Deluxe - Baby Headrush
02. Crash City Saints - Cough Syrup
03. Screen Vinyl Image - Cathode Ray
04. Stellarium - Chocolate & Strawberry
05. Bloody Knives - Hands Around My Neck
06. Me You Us Them - Me You Us Them
07. Skeleteen - Gone
08. Ceremony - Never Love Again
09. SPC ECO - Telling you
10. Volcano Playground - Waiting
11. Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire
12. RIBS- Even (Pre-Release Version)
13. House of Dolls - Gimme Some Glory
14. Victorie&Hyde - East End
15. El Chupa Cobras - Girls at the Club Seven
16. Blue Jungle - Oh Suicide
17. dizzy jaguars - hazy
18. True Widow - Sunday Driver
19. Laserz - commies
20. I OK - Leeches
21. Panda Riot- Like Flowers At Night
22. Mejetairliner - use the fucking knife
23. Oblisk - Epicenter
24. Sleepmask- Slumber Party Massacre 11.01.09
25. Appomattox- SpanishVirginsMP3
26. The Empireal Formula - Strange Way
27. jen paul - cab hail
28. 1969 Armstrong - Devil in Me
29. Glowfriends - Scared of Love
30. Anisette - Coco (live)
31. The Fever Dreams - Mindfields
32. A Death Cinematic - When I Leave I Wish to Kill the Sun
33. Kleenkoma - Cold Summer Days
34. Dream Demolition Factory - Japanese Goth Girls
35. Havah - face the fact
36. Elephant Face - I'd Whip The Bitch
37. Pig Lizzard - One Striped Child (Reprise)
38. Midstates and the Choir of Ghosts - Hate to See Yo


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