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  • yuvaranii

    look at me so weeaboo kpop KoRean p0p xD hwaiting oppa^__^~

    ayer por la noche Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Now on to YU-A! OMG she was flawless live. We know she has the vocal chops, so I was impressed, naturally. Then, halfway through, her backup dancer comes out in shoddy drag, takes off YU-A's cover up, and they have a dance off to Britney's Work Bitch. We were all dying! The woman can sing, dance (she did some contemporary stuff during the slower songs and even that crazy move jumping onto her dance in the Superman video!!), and she played the keyboard at one point. Seriously, who knew? Her fans were awesome too and super devoted. They weren't your typical Japanese fan either, acting like robots in the crowd. The show was a blast!! I'll shot you the set list later if you want.

    1 Jul 1:28 Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Haha those are some my favorites from Mya! I wouldn't mind if she waited to release something until next year. I just don't want her to rehash the two EPs onto something. It's not like they've generated much hype anyways. Mary! Who doesn't love her? I'm totally feeling the soundtrack too. I just wish it was marketing as a proper solo album because the cover and title are tacky. As for Mila J, couldn't get into her. I checked her out a while ago, but it just didn't resonate with me.

    1 Jul 1:26 Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    I need to write up a proper response to your shouts, but I just wanted to let you know I saw our girl YU-A in concert yesterday... OMFG AMAZING! I shall report about it to you~

    29 Jun 13:10 Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Yeah, listened to all of Tinashe's mixtapes and she's really good! Will definitely keep an eye on her. As for Mariah, I'm enjoying the new album. It's a mess stylistically, but the tracks are solid. I noticed the two old tracks from that unreleased album tacked on too! R. Kelly ruined the one, but how can anything with Mary be bad <3

    30 May 3:53 Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Well glad to hear you were able to recover some files at least! Plus music isn't the most important! Mya's last two EPs were amazing! She puts out some hot mess tracks from time to time, doesn't she? I don't know why I overlooked her forever. Maybe because she flopped so fast in the states after her small hype?

    30 May 3:52 Responder
  • fortunenights

    well that sucks but I guess it can't be helped then... it won't be too bad if you fail at one unit, right?

    25 May 20:10 Responder
  • fortunenights

    glad you finished everything :) do you have a good feeling about it?

    23 May 14:59 Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Ah, just noticed the Tinashe play in your charts!

    15 May 6:17 Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    No worries! Always busy with school is understandable and better than doing nothing! Sorry to hear that about your computer though. Don't know what I'd do if I lost everything. No backup on an external hard drive or anything? I was shocked about Ashanti too and agree about the album. I like it, but she's done better. Good for her though. Seems indie is the way nowadays for RnB artists. Been getting into Mya a lot lately and loved her EPs this year. Have you listened? Poor Christina lol I rather liked Kuu's new album, but again, it was nothing mind-blowing. Same old formula. She needs to shake things up. You should check out some of Tinashe's mixtapes if you're looking for something new. Good stuff!

    15 May 6:16 Responder
  • yuvaranii

    oh and cool icon i first thot u were one of those annoying anime freaks and was so confused like who the hell was this but then i started reading omg

    14 May 15:49 Responder
  • yuvaranii

    NIGGUH i thot u were dead omfgggggg dont do that anymore!!!! sry for not replying either i srsly forgot about website i dont even listen to music on laptop anymore (i just do it when i do powerpoint or sth like that). omfg i know how u feel!!!! well it wasnt as bad as ur case, but my phone broke and i had to fix it and they deleted everything ugh :( im still lost about it tbh. im so tired man! would kill for 8hour sleep tbh but its last month of school so i have to study so hard ugh -.- hows ur uni?? anything new in ur life?? did u see man city players this week(i think) in manchester? :P

    14 May 15:49 Responder
  • fortunenights

    we usually have them at the end of the week, I called a department in wales at the beginning of the week and was so confused because of the bank holiday... :D that sucks :/ I have to write a lot of essays and my exams are in august. well shit I would hate if that happened to me, I hope nothing important is gone?

    9 May 9:23 Responder
  • fortunenights

    I'm not much of a big rap fan so I enjoy those songs like bounce more :D but fancy and change your life are really good yeah, dunno about work yet. I'm good! today is a bank holiday ♥ hbu?

    1 May 10:23 Responder
  • Mic_28

    Thanks ^^

    30 Abr 21:05 Responder
  • PattyMcPat2666

    A very late happy holidays! I was in Tokyo for a while and then got busy with things here. Hope you had a great time over the holidays though! Do anything special? I kind of like all the versions of Triumphant at this point haha Oh Mimi, I will always secretly stan for her. Ashanti is supposed to release her album and a new cover is up, but I'll believe it when I can actually listen to it. Never really followed Christina Milian. She had a hit forever ago, didn't she? Then disappeared off the face of the earth. Oh god, not a Leona fan at all, nor do I like Christmas music! haha I might have to listen though.

    21 Ene 0:03 Responder
  • yuvaranii

    omg wasnt that the chick who dated rob kardashian?? (ur pic) how the hell did she get preggo, arent u suppose to be normal weight in order to get preggo?? and she as skinny af. but her boy/hubby is very good-looking!! cashley was the shit.. omg im on my break rn but school is ok i just hate everyone there lmao.. i was feeling so down but am so much better now tho xxx

    7 Ene 13:51 Responder
  • fortunenights

    everything's the same hun, what about you? you are suuuuuuuuuuuper busy all the time

    6 Ene 15:56 Responder
  • yuvaranii

    omfG cherul is disgusting!!!!!!!!!1 i was ok with her dating men underneath her but ashley did fuck her up. cant she go back to that world cup 2006 phase when she was bff with victoria, oh just croatian one but he plays in italy!! famous dude here lmao.. omg nye was the worst!!! i got drunk and started drama, i feel like real housewife or sth lol.. also dude where are u?? u answer me liek every 4yrs. my xmas was ok idk u know im not huge catholic so idc about stuff like that!!!! ugh i just h8 everyone, hoping 2014 brings me sugar daddy, need to rotate my life.. wbu?? hows life for u?

    3 Ene 11:55 Responder
  • fortunenights

    I miss u :<

    3 Ene 9:27 Responder
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