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  • omerraviv

    I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. She's all 99 of them!

    17 Jul 3:19 Responder
  • omerraviv

    רוצה ללכת, תלכי. רוצה לקחת, תקחי. מה ששלך - שלך, מה ששלי - שלי. מרגיש נקי, נקי. כמו גולם של פרפר. בוער בשמש, טיפה בים לא משנה דבר. אחד ועוד אחד... את ממש דלת מסתובבת! אחד פחות אחד... זה האפס שאת אוהבת! שוב לא מגיע בזמן. סובל מאחרת. מה שאמרת אמרת... חבל שאת לא זוכרת.

    9 Jul 5:15 Responder
  • omerraviv

    When the world seems absurd, who's it time for? Mark Chapman.Yo te dije, no debes de firmar con una compania de discos tan grande. Ellos no te aprecian.

    4 Jul 11:04 Responder
  • omerraviv

    Wouldn't you like to.. hit the pavement? That's what I call entertainment.. All This Violence Makes A Statement

    4 Jul 10:29 Responder
  • omerraviv

    This CALL for CELEBRATION with a little INVITRO fertilization. You can have the sex with me. Science fiction fantasy. We could make a FUCK MACHINE. A FUCK MACHINE.

    13 Jun 8:32 Responder
  • omerraviv

    It might seem crazy, what I'm about to say. Because I'm happy! Here come bad news, talking this and that. Well give me all you've got and don't hold back! Well, I should probably warn you, I'll be just fine! No offense to you, don't waste your time. Here's why. Because I'm happy! Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof! Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth! Clap along if you know what happiness is to you! Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do! Because I'm happy!

    4 Jun 12:53 Responder
  • omerraviv

    See, I'm hard to deceive! Especially regarding things that are hidden in plain view! Still waiting for the fool that could fool me and it ain't you! I hear you talking, I felt you walking by. That you would be okay There could be no way, that you and me can stray away from pain now. Hear you weeping, felt you when you crossed my mind, now I can pretend with an awkward smile: that I feel no love, that my will won't budge.

    24 May 14:03 Responder
  • omerraviv

    Was Romeo really a jerk?

    24 May 10:19 Responder
  • omerraviv

    And god said, oh my god! What's happened to the human being? What's happened to my lovely creatures, they all became a cold machine. No more smiling, no more laughter. Machine without gasoline. Wake up, he cried! Wake up! Wake up from your boring dream.

    22 May 7:13 Responder
  • omerraviv

    You don't have to worry, I'm your friend. And if I killed you, you won't exactly be dead. You'll still exist in my memories. Our friendship won't go away that easily.

    12 May 14:27 Responder
  • omerraviv

    Leave your obsessions that waste all your time; wake up from dreaming, and stare out your eyes; wander the desert, it's hard to survive; there is a riddle that tugs at your mind; in the dark basement the truth strikes you blind; to battle the monsters, you have to be kind.

    3 May 15:40 Responder
  • omerraviv

    Is truth the same for every person taking the train?

    28 Abr 6:18 Responder
  • omerraviv

    And nothing is written in the book. Reality is made by... you. And every lie that you pursue, eventually turns true. You know nothing. You know nothing at all. How could you know? You've never known anything at all.

    25 Abr 18:23 Responder
  • omerraviv

    And I, I've been lonely. And I, I've been blind. And I, I've learned nothing. So my hands are firmly tied. To the sinking leadway of failure. My face in the mirror tells me... it's no surprise that I am. Pushing the stone up the hill of failure. And they punish me with an image of my life, that's nothing but unreal. Except on the goddamn slaveship of failure. And I'll drown here trying to get up for some air but each time I think I breath I'm laid on with a double share of the punishing burden of failure. I don't deserve to be down here, but I'll never leave. And I, I've learned one things, you can't escape the beast. In the null and void pit of failure. When I get my hands on some money, I'll kiss it's green skin, and ask its dirty face - 'where the hell have you been?' On the fumes that fire the burden of failure.

    25 Abr 18:18 Responder
  • omerraviv

    All the time, I had waited with RAGE (motion personified alpha). All the time, I was promised my Salvation

    24 Abr 18:43 Responder
  • omerraviv

    Oh barren one.. we call you. This is the great name. From which, the angel of death, must flee! must flee!

    15 Abr 14:42 Responder
  • omerraviv

    And I might forgive If I could forget And I should let go But I haven't yet

    15 Abr 14:25 Responder
  • omerraviv

    I'm running across the hill, to avoid the bullet of a sniper from the hill, when I walk into some photographers - oh well, they're doing their job - in deep cover - well, if a bullet hit me, they'd get a shot worth so much more than my life, that I'm not even sure who to hate - the sniper or the monkey with the Nikon. For the Chetniks, I'm just a simple target. But those others only confirm my utter helplessness and even take advantage of it - Death is a job. Life has narrowed down completely - reduced to gestures. Death is a job.

    15 Abr 10:29 Responder
  • omerraviv

    Wait a minute! This ain't dinner this is paint thinner!

    4 Abr 11:00 Responder
  • omerraviv

    Kindly remind me Where my mind has been It's stuck again At the end. Back here once more This time i tore through the fabric of space Find my place Don't don't don't Take the magic away from Take the magic away

    28 Mar 6:32 Responder
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