Carbon Based Lifeforms / Interloper - visual interpretation, semi-review


7 May 2010, 21:56

As a form of a review, I thought I would post some thoughts I had while listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms's new release, Interloper.

Interloper - introspective, good slow intro. Sets the mood for this release.
Right where it ends - great beats, atmospheric. Great use of vocals.
Central Plain - Ritual rhythmical textures, harking back to times of old....
Supersede - muted ambient dance beat, building up to a rolling field of new sound.
Init - extracting a true wealth of aural imagery from a seemingly innocent loop. Expert use of vocal samples and filtering bring this rediscovered soundscape to life. Feels similar to Gryning and Station Blue.
Euphotic - calm interval. Excellent vocals; otherwise does not bring new concepts to light.
Frog - eternal liquid twilight.
M - this track is the call to arms. An internal militancy, the soundtrack for one's self.
20 minutes - changing resolutions, slowly resolving mysteries. Curiosity and change syncing in and out of phase.
Polyrytmi - making our slow and cautious way on The Path back from this strange and distant realm.

All in all, a superb journey through a terrain that we do not know. I felt this episode was less emotionally charged (except M). Also missing: an exploration of extremely large open spaces, or perhaps caverns, though these depths were hinted at.

Top tracks were Central Plain, Init, M, 20 minutes.

The use of vocal leads has improved since World of Sleepers, and in general I feel we are moving forward. The flow increases, and the sound becomes more balanced.


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