• Noticia Jn ana carolina coliseu do porto

    7 Jul 2010, 11:37

  • You know you're right ( on a mountain) *Live version*

    31 Oct 2008, 19:41

    "She told me to buy a gun, and I go say hello to god.
    Please show me love again, she shows me a lonely path.
    There's something wrong with her, I can't get along with her.
    My own tears blood and guts, it soon will all be past.
    It's on me not again, Kurt Cobain not again.
    Come on girl I promise I, I will never run away.

    She turns down autographs, I come bound with loving hands.
    I will never promise you, since I'm tired of loving you.
    I'm getting tired of all of this, walking along the lonely path.

    Hey Aye Yay! (5X)
    You Know You're...

    You told me to call again, it doesn't matter how it ends.
    I will never promise you, upon me the love is new."
    It's really no surprise, I can't get along with her.
    This will mean I'll love again, guess I'll never have a fan.
    I guess I'll never know who I am, guess I'll never have a chance.
    Kurt Cobain will survive, if only you'll want to die.

    Hey Aye Yay! (5X)
    You know you're...

    ( why he change the lyrics to studio vesion? )