Please help. I'm a fucking idiot and don't know how to pronounce things.


3 Jul 2007, 8:15

It's a fucking good thing I don't know too many people outside of the internet who like the same bands as I do, because I don't know how to fucking say their names. But should the opportunity arise, I would like to at least be able to

How do you pronounce the following band/people names:



La Quiete

Hassan I Sabbah


Spencer Seim (I'm good on's the other part)


AmpereDaïtroLa quieteHassan I SabbahRaeinSpencer SeimHellaThe Advantage


  • Oblaka

    hi! la quiete is something like [la_kujète]! hope u understand :)

    5 Jul 2007, 19:19
  • razXcore

    Ampere=Am-Pear Daitro=Day-tro La Quiete=La Key-Eh-Te Raein=Rain Hassan I Sabbah=Has-Sahn I Sab-bah just my interpretations, enjoy :]

    5 Jul 2007, 22:38
  • epilougex

    haha, i was actually thinking about this the other day. i have absolutely no idea how to pronounce a small percentage of the bands i listen to. i can confidently confirm that: raein = rain daïtro = day-tro the others - not so sure. i would also really like to know the proper pronunciation of la quiete.

    6 Jul 2007, 9:16
  • Lucid-As-Dreams

    Ampere = Amm - Peer.

    7 Jul 2007, 0:47
  • staticparade

    LAH KEY ETTE is what i first thought, and i think thats right

    8 Jul 2007, 9:39
  • magrcon

    I think Spencer Seim is 'Syme'... like slime but without the L

    9 Jul 2007, 4:19
  • MadelineAwesome

    i have no insight. i just really like this post.

    10 Jul 2007, 7:23
  • dontdropthebeat

    am-peer i think its die-tro... not day-tro... i always say la kwee et tay but that may be wrong. and its assan ee sabbah

    10 Jul 2007, 18:43
  • Oblaka

    yes, 'laquiete' in italian is something like 'kwete'. :)

    11 Jul 2007, 10:00
  • Khanatist

    Er, staticparade is right, it's like Lah key-ette. Also, Daïtro should sound like Dah-ee-tro (caused by the double-point above the 'i'), or at least Die-tro. Nothing with day, since it's French and not English. Further, Amm-peer and simply Rain are right. That's it. Today's lesson on screamo language is over

    29 Jul 2007, 13:52
  • hoFFii

    ur right khanatist ... but the pronounciation of la Quiete is wrong ^^ ... ... - the last e isnt spoken ... ...

    1 Ago 2007, 15:57
  • Khanatist

    Oh, of course, I thought that was clear as words like Netiquette also have the unspoken 'e' at the end

    2 Ago 2007, 17:21
  • Oblaka

    hey men, you're all wrong! it is something like 'la kwete', and also the last 'e' is spoken... i'm italian, trust me ;)

    2 Ago 2007, 19:32
  • Khanatist

    Some guy who sold their merchandise at one of their shows pronounced it differently, that should count more than your nationality :P

    2 Ago 2007, 20:09
  • Oblaka

    i don't think so... if you create a group with a word from your mother language (i dont know german, the only words i know is 'streben' and 'sehnsucht' :), i think that you want to be called in the way your mother language sound... in italy maybe you will be called simply 'streben', while the really pronounce of the name of your group would be spelled rightly only by germans and all who really knows german language (something like 'schtreben', no? :) ). So i think it's quite stupid to give to a group an italian name and then pronounce it as it would be an american word, don't u think so?

    3 Ago 2007, 8:57
  • portraitsofpast

    this is an mp3 audio... the right italian way to say la quiete:

    6 Ago 2007, 0:13
  • nonviolent

    Fucking nice mp3 with the pronunciation.

    6 Sep 2007, 21:20
  • ciarannn

    It's Amp-ear/am-peer.

    30 Sep 2007, 10:25
  • RedArmada

    Hassan-I-Sabbah is an American band, but if you want to pronounce it in a way similar to the Arabic words, it's ah-SUHN EE sah-BAH

    24 Oct 2007, 21:14
  • 16N0R4N7

    [b]This post -really- rocks. I want to know how pronunciate gtuk in spanish :P[/b]

    7 Nov 2007, 3:11
  • Killstephandead

    "Gee-TUK" :D

    2 Jun 2011, 12:06
  • Jamesismynamo

    Lah KWEE-et-tay

    24 Abr 2012, 21:35
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