Review - OAR 8/15/08


16 Ago 2008, 23:27

Fri 15 Aug – O.A.R., Ozomatli

The Wanderer
Whose Chariot?
This Town
Living in the End
One Shot
One Day
Dareh Meyod
Night Shift
That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
Delicate Few
Love And Memories

Heard the World
Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
Whatever Happened with Ozomatli

Summer never seems complete until seeing OAR @ The Lawn. Overall good show. Pretty solid setlist. The show started kinda slow and they seemed out of it until destination & untitled, when they started to pick it up. i was really impressed with this town. first time i heard it @ roo it wasn't that great, but they've definetely improved it live, and the crowd really dug it. Best version of Dareh Meyod I've ever seen live. whatever happened was awesome and is now my new favorite song off All sides
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