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My name is Matthew Thomas Fortington Ryan. If that proves too cumbersome for you, you can just call me Matt. I won’t tell.

I'm basically an amalgamation of Josh Lyman, Mal Reynolds, Rob Gordon, Sam Vimes, Elwood P. Dowd, Matt Albie, Harry Lockhart, The Tenth Doctor, David Addison, Xander Harris, John Crichton, Max Fischer, Arthur Dent and Jay Gatsby.

I study Lawyering and Media Communications at QU of T, but my real passion is Le Cinema, so in my spare time I mostly watch movies and write. I love to write plays, stage or screen. I swing dance, eat too much food, feel guilty a lot and go to the gym far less than I should. I counter biscuit in a video store - it's an easy job. I could do it in my sleep. I frequently do. Sarcasm is required. If you haven't seen My Fair Lady, it is unnecessary to summarize the plot or list the songs; if you are not familiar with both, you are culturally illiterate, although in six months I could pass you off as a critic at Cannes, or even a clerk in a good video store, which requires better taste. ^_^

I was once asked to join the Brisbane Doctor Who Fanclub. I rejected their offer.

I made a decision. I'm gonna register with the Republican Party. And I'll tell you why, if you're curious. Republicans are a freedom loving people.

I think Barack Obama is a character created by Aaron Sorkin, Kirk v Picard is not a debate about a law case, Velociraptors will be the end of civilization as we know it, Bruce Campbell is a god among mortals, Indiana Jones will never really age, Monty Python never gets old, “frak” is an appropriate word in any circumstance, not talking like a pirate on September 19th is tantamount to heresy, there is nothing like kisses from a jaded Chinese princess, Johnny Depp was cool before Captain Jack Sparrow, Ari Gold is as diplomatic as he knows how, everyone ought to know what "kamehameha" means, you have 364 Merry Unbirthdays a year, suit jackets are never out of style and that it’s never what you’re like, but what you like.