Dark Horse Tour


22 Mar 2010, 7:41

So I am officially going to see the "Dark Horse Tour" in May! Smiley face.

The line-up's got Sick Puppies, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback and I'm totally pumped. I'm most excited for BB, but I could simply be biased because Benjamin Brunley's way too fucking adorable to have such an epic voice... but that's beside the point. It's going to be fantastic.

I think Nickelback is technically the headliner (from the promos I've seen and the tickets themselves) though. Which isn't bad -- I love Canadian boys and all, particularly of the Alberta variety ♥ -- but they're not my favorite. Actually, I don't even know who my favorite Canadian band is... probably State of Shock at the moment. But that's an unrelated plug.

Anyway, all four of the bands have chunks of my play counts here so I'm sure it'll be an amazing show. Sick Puppies I am not actually very familiar with -- I've only heard singles from them on Octane -- but I mean.... Australians are awesome by default, right? Yeah. They apparently also have a chick on bass, which, although it's bass, is fantastic IMO. I plan to take some more of their stuff from Thomas' library eventually. According to him, there isn't anything impressive.

Some of my favorite tracks:
Sick Puppies -- You're Going Down
Shinedown -- Son Of Sam, Son Of Sam, Sin With A Grin (If You Only Knew ♥)
Breaking Benjamin -- Shallow Bay Dance With The Devil, Give Me A Sign
Nickelback -- Figured You Out, Hangnail


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