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♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫


wow it sounds as good as ever xoxo
Love to be
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫ Friends forever and that aint no bull

Reach Out Of The Darkness
and dance By the Light of the Moon
Buffalo Gals

im late im late for an important date
For My Dear Friend Jamie
My Warmest Thoughts


One more thing,,,♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫ ☮☮ ♥ ☮☮
this is hog heaven

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Moonshine♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫

♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫


my very own shout by my BLFMFF Jamie,,,☮☮ ♥ ☮☮ We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫ ☮☮ ♥ ☮☮

Tracks played skull & roses from my dear friend Anna
fleur-de-lis,,,"flower of the lily."

Don't miss the boat Let's Work Together (2005 Digital Remaster)

☮☮☮☮☮☮☮ ♥♥♥♥♥ ] ♥♥♥♥♫♫♫♫♫♫♫
☮☮☮ this is my story, its fictional, because life is stranger than fiction, so which is real and which is an illusion ☮☮☮☮ this is my story you should listen to this message! ☮☮☮☮ dirty fucking hippies ☮☮☮☮ ☮☮☮☮ ♥ ♫ ♥

☮☮ ♥ ☮☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫ Music is making a Big Splash ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥ ☮☮♫
Moby Dick
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥
Glad you tuned in this is All I Can Do ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥
I'm Tired - Where Am I
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥
Oh, by the way,,,,, if you'd really like to know,,,,,, he went that way!,,,,,,, Who did?,♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥ ♥♫♫☮ White Rabbit
♥♫☮☮ ♥
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥

Sammybaby was a 1960s five-piece Canadian band consisting of bassist/lead vocalist Jamie Boscopud guitarist/vocalist Sammybaby, and drummer Brian Gertski having formed in Alberta Canada.

They were known as one of the first great power groups and super groups of rock. Their sound was characterized by a hybrid of blues, hard rock and psychedelic rock. Sammybaby combined Baby’s blues guitar playing with the powerful and airy voice and intense bass lines of Lily Wild Child and the manic drumming of Anna Christine Eve.

They have sold over 35 million albums worldwide. Cry Baby Blues was the world’s first platinum-selling double album.

Rare Collection Album Covers

Boscopud, Gertski, and Baby named their band “Sammybaby” because they thought of Sammy as the biggest “Baby of the bunch” The group almost settled on "The Big Guy" as with Sammy's reputation with the lady's, but decided against it because being tall has nothing to do with music,,and with music it's all " baby baby baby "

Sammybaby’s music included songs based on traditional blues such as “Bosco, Bubba and Benny”, and modern blues such as “Lucas” and “Outside Woman Blues” as well as more eccentric songs such as “Love Connection”, “Lost Cord” and “Sploosh”. Sammy baby’s biggest hits were “Crying Won't Help You Now” (UK, #1) [24],, “Cry Baby Blues” (US, #5[24],, “ Kats in The Kitchen” (US, #25), “Lord Only Knows” (US, #1)[24],
and the story how it all got started Anthology “S . H . I . T . - MINUS 3..2...1”.

Sammybaby, together with The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Third Stone From The Sun , made a significant impact upon the popular music of the time, providing a heavy yet technically proficient musical theme that foreshadowed the emergence of bands such as Led Zeppelin Hey Hey What Can I Do, Deep PurpleHighway Star (live) and The Jeff Beck Group Black Cat Moan in the late 1960s. The band’s live performances influenced progressive rock acts such as Rush Working Man , jam bands such as The Allman Brothers BandWhipping Post, Grateful Dead Sugar Magnolia and Phish, Wolfman's Brother and heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath.War Pigs ☮☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫
☮☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫
☮☮ ♥ ☮☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫More about Me

☮☮ ♥ ☮☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫Peace n love

We are all Perfect Strangers
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥ Yes I am a Bad Dog a very bad dog♥♫♫☮
Wordy Rappinghood
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫☮
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮ ♥♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫☮☮

Don't Miss The Boat
Big Bucks its just coffee
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫☮

♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫ ☮☮ ♥ ☮☮
Cry Baby
No tears for the dead,,,, Laugh, Sing & Dance. Celebrate the Life Lived, never to morn Death, we are all going to die........but have we all lived?,,,,,,, Sing what you can't Say,,, Forget what you can't Play Hasten to drown into beautiful eyes Walk within my poetry,,,,, this dying music - My love letter to nobody. DEAD POEM

The Dark & the Light Side of LifeDeath Walks Behind You

It's worth the tears that we cry When you look into your loved ones eyes
Hell Hound

Devil's Answer

I'd Rather Go Blind than to see you with another

Jack Daniels

I Never Cry

Make Everyday
White Bird
♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫
♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫☮
Vintage Wine Sammy's Babys

♫♫☮ ♥♫♫☮♥♫♫
Get your motor running Born to Be Wild

Had To Cry Today

Hair Band,Hair

Time Has Come Today
You can't save time,,,You can only spend it,,your time is limited so don't waste it.Time Has Come Today

For Mad Men Only
A Divine SignBeer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Kitten on the keysPussycat Song
Play direct from Kitten On The Keys (3:17)

Bettephile Play direct from Salon Betty (3:48)

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