• Instead of studying, I'll waste time on the internet. Perfect Plan.

    11 May 2009, 6:40

    1. What's your favorite song by 14?
    Wilco - "California Stars", or "Shot in the Arm" if covers don't count.

    2. How did you get into 20?
    The Clash - I bought London Calling, I think.

    3. Who is your favorite member in 8?
    Rilo Kiley - Jenny Lewis

    4. Whats your favorite lyric bit by 29?
    Elliott Smith - "Crooked spin can't come to rest / I'm damaged bad at best / She'll decide what she wants / I'll probably be the last to know / No one says until it shows / and you see how it is / They want you or they don't / Say yes" Say Yes

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
    Elvis Costello & The Attractions - No.

    6. What's your favorite album from 10?
    LFTR PLLR - Fiestas & Fiascos

    7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
    Belle & Sebastian- No sir.

    8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
    The Decemberists - I saw them on my birthday, I guess.

    9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2?
    Bob Dylan - Not even close.

    10. When did you first get into 1?
    The Mountain Goats - I checked Sunset Tree out of the library in 2006.

    11. Who likes 4 along with you?
    The Magnetic Fields - My sister, and probably some other people.

    12. Which song did you first hear from 15?
    The Beatles - God, I have no idea.

    13. What song made you fall in love with 5?
    The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations

    14. Which song do you not like by 18?
    Animal Collective - Most of Danse Manatee and Campfire Songs

    15. Why do you like 14's songs?
    Wilco - Tweedy's a pretty damn good lyricist, and it's all pretty and countrified.

    16. Where did you first hear 6?
    Modest Mouse - I got Lonesome Crowded West from the library.

    17. How long was 19 a singer before you liked them?
    The Velvet Underground - Jesus, probably about forty years.

    18. Does 13 have a song that gives you a bad memory?
    Elvis Costello - I don't think so.

    19. When did you get into 17?
    Andrew Bird - My friend Elliott, circa 2005

    20. How long have you been into 11?
    Pavement - fiveish years

    21. If 9 had a concert 300 miles away, would you drive there to see them?
    New Pornographers - Assuming I could drive, probably.

    22. How many CDs do you own of 13?
    Elvis Costello - Two solo CDs, I think, plus three or four with the Attractions.

    23. Does 21 have a song that makes you cry?
    Neutral Milk Hotel - God yes. Most of Aeroplane, given the right circumstances, but especially Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2.

    24. Does 27 have a song that makes you happy?
    The Shins - Most of them, but especially Australia.

    25. Does 23 have a song that makes you smile?
    Arcade Fire - No Cars Go, Neon Bible version.

    26. What's the last song you've listened to from 28?
    Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen

    27. Is there a song by 32 that you've listened to more than 30 times?
    Wolf Parade - Yeah, all of Apologies to Queen Mary.

    28. What is a song from 50 that you've only listened to once?
    Spoon - This Book Is a Movie.

    29. Is there a song you are sick of hearing by 24?
    Beck - Loser, sort of.

    30. What song got you into 40?
    R.E.M. - I don't know.

    31. What is your favorite single by 25?
    Deerhoof - Wrong Time Capsule

    32. If 48 hated you, what would you do?
    Led Zeppelin - I wouldn't really give a shit, honestly.

    33. What would you say if 42 or one of the members from 42 asked you out?
    The Kinks - Most of those guys are like forty years my senior, so I would be pretty weirded out.

    34. Would you care if 41 had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    MC Frontalot - not at all.

    35. Who has the best voice in 46?
    Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen wins by default.

    36. Do you think 26 is/are good looking?
    of Montreal - Kevin Barnes is sort of pretty.

    37. How many times have you listened to your favorite song by 36?
    Broken Social Scene - Lover's Spit, 46 times.

    38. How many CDs do you own of 30?
    Joanna Newsom - Two.

    39. Is there a song from 38 that makes you mad?
    Boy Least Likely To - Not at all.

    40. Which member from 31 do you want to see go solo? If 31 is only one artist, what would you do if they joined a group?
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - I would probably pick up a solo CD by the lead singer.

    41. What does your favorite song from 48 remind you of?
    Led Zeppelin - Slaying a kobold.

    42. Did you hate 43 at first?
    TV on the Radio - Sort of.

    43. Does your best friend also listen to 33?
    Jenny Lewis - nope.

    44. Do you think your parents would like 37?
    The Rolling Stones - I think they do.

    45. Does 47 have a song that makes you want to dance?
    Bob Dylan & the Band - Not really

    46. Have you ever seen 34 in person?
    Paul Simon - No.

    47. Do you like 44's name?
    Nirvana - It's kind of weak. It probably sounded better in 1989.

    48. Is there someone in 45 that you want to go out with?
    The National - The singer is pretty hot, but probably not.

    49. Do you know anyone that hates 39?
    Radiohead - I actually kind of hate them now.

    50. Have you ever danced to a song from 35?
    Talking Heads - I defy you _not_ to dance to Psycho Killer.
  • Some Loud Thunder

    19 Feb 2007, 19:11

    When will Clap Your Hands Say Yeah learn that, no matter how hard they try to bury their excellent, catchy pop songs in self-indulgent drek (Clap Your Hands, the horrible distortion on Some Loud Thunder), people will still listen to them. You can't make your fans go away and go back to playing half-empty dive bars in New York. SO STOP TRYING OK!
    Anyway, serious record review time. Some Loud Thunder is just not a very good album. And, like I said before, it's almost self-sabotage. They took a phenomenal live staple, Some Loud Thunder, and covered it in distortion until it is practically unlistenable. But more importantly, none of the songs made me want to clap my hands or say yeah. *Clap*Yeah's best songs are happy, or at the least upbeat. These songs are almost all dour and undanceable. And most of this album is overproduced, with many extraneous sounds. Now, far be it for me to critisize a band for artistic experimentaion, and a few of the new songs are actually really good: Mama, Won't You Keep Those Castles In The Air And Burning? is epic and uses the new sound really well, and Underwater (You and Me) is beautiful. In addition, Satan Said Dance is a classic and brilliantly uses their new production style. So in conclusion, yay for artistic experimentation but I'll stick to the debut.
  • Andrew Bird

    18 Feb 2007, 2:42

    I seriously don't understand how Andrew Bird is not Fucking HUGE. His stuff is catchy as hell, has some gorgeous violin and whistling (!) bits, and the lyrics are great. He has his sixth studio album, Armchair Apocrypha, coming out in March (and is currently leaked on the Intarwubs if you're into that), and it is as good as anything he ever did. It includes super-excellent musics that will please the ear. What I am trying to say is that you should buy/pirate this new album if you enjoy music!
  • WTF?

    13 Jul 2006, 5:28

    Why is Lynard Skynard (sp?) a recomended artist for me?
    My top listened bands from last week were Bob Dylan,, and Elvis Costello. How do any of these bands have anything to do with Lynard fucking Skynard? Arggghh!