• Nina Hynes in Galway

    22 Ene 2007, 11:58

    If you haven't checked out her music, I urge you to do so!

    The gig at the Roisin was brilliant, was talking to some stoned hippie who bought Nina a baby Guinness and tried to read something weird into everything she said, but he was ok :)

    Her music absolutely blew me away, I'd only seen her live once before, and that was totally unplanned, as she played two songs at a The Frames gig in September as a last minute thing :)

    Loved the unique quirkiness of her beatbox and recorded sounds, which involves recording different words, hitting a spoon off the fretboard and through this "invent" the song as she goes along and then let this repeat through the song etc. You have to see it yourselves to understand it ;)

    I'd written to her on her message board before, so I went up to talk to her after, she was really lovely. We talked for quite a while while she was smoking outside, a friend of hers, who I then realised lectures sculpture at my college joined in and we had a few drinks inside the Roisin after. Fabien from France who plays with her and The Frames was really nice too and she told me she'll be back at the Roisin as soon as her new album is out, and from what I heard at the gig it promises very good. I really enjoyed meeting her and she was just sooo nice, but she is a very genuine person and I wish her all the best of luch in the future, and please support her by checking out her music and buying the new single off her website

    That's all for now.
  • All in a days work for me...

    16 Ene 2007, 0:10

    Thanks Johnny bro for the info on last fm, suits me well now when I've got my own computer at last, I was really sick of sitting in the computer room in college all day to check my mail and stuff. And to prove jondan wrong, everyone doesn't password protect their networks nowadays hehe, found a good wireless connection right here in my bedroom in Galway, goes a bit low at times but it's stable enough as I've been on it for a few hours. I'm really happy with my new MacBook, I think I made the right choice in the end going for a mac and not a PC.

    Got a f*n chock when I got to college this morning and got to know that the deadline for our thesis was today at 4pm, I still had a 1000 words to write as I thought it wasn't til the end of the month, but while I was home extending my Xmas break my tutors had decided to change it!
    Good job I had my own computer cause the computer room was all clogged up with people going mental, I sorted out an ending, even though it didn't end p as well thought out as first planned. Anyway, finished at 3.30pm and rushed away to the industrial estate to get it ring bound. Got caught in the worst f*n downpour in ages and got completely soaked, so yes I now have proof if any that my computer bag is water resistant!

    Finally found the place and came in all dripping wet, good job I didn't soak the printed thesis :P Got it boud at 5 to four and ran the fastest I could (with a computer bag) back to the college, God, I was soaked and exhaused, but I handed it in spot on four o'clock!

    I was in town to buy some dinner, but in the end I didn't feel like cooking so I had a scone and tea in town and a banana and rice cakes in front of the computer.

    Lstening to The Knife, cathy Davey and Radiohead at the moment, I have a class taste in music I do!