13 Nov 2007, 5:46

I just returned from the Regina Spektor concert at The Pageant.
Regina's voice is brilliant. If you have the chance to see her perform, do it. It was a very memorable and enjoyable experience.
One thing I was surprised about is how meek she seems. Her voice is so incredibly powerful and her songs are so full of emotion, yet she seemed so shy. She didn't really ever do the "Hi I'm ____, yay, I love this town" spiel with the audience. She simply came out and sang. Of course, she did occasionally interact with the audience (I loved when she would give the audience sly looks as she played), but she's the
shyest headliner I've seen. But her voice is one of the strongest voices I've seen perform live.
And her encore was the longest encore I've seen in a while!

Overall, I am very pleased with the concert. Regina is fantastic. I loved every song, but if I had to choose, my favorite songs were "Après Moi," The Flowers, "Poor Little Rich Boy." Ah.. but "Sailor Song" was good too.... Oh! And her rendition of "Hotel Song" with Only Son's Jack Dishel (who is, for the record, adorable!) And "Samson" was a perfect finish to the night. And I have to mention that "Us" and "That Time" were also fantastic. Oh hell.. let's be honest... I loved every song.

The only thing I was disappointed by was that she didn't perform "Your Honor" (I kissed your lips and I tasted blood!) and "Love Affair," but the rest of the songs were so fantastic that I'm already over it.

She performed some songs I didn't know - namely "Music Box." It's a great song! Where can I get it!? I have Soviet Kitsch, 11:11, and Begin to Hope...

So (to make this academic), in summation, Regina Spektor is f**king amazing and you should buy her albums and go see the girl live.

On a side note, anyone know a good way to become a piano virtuoso overnight?


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