• paan - "Phosphor" is finished!

    9 Mar 2009, 22:17

    Hi, I´m paan.

    finally I have finished the last track Phosphor of my album Phosphor.

    Phosphor is not only a colour - no, it´s a condition and a feeling, that I enjoy in very very special monents.

    Hopefully, that your like it.
    Please leave a commend and feel a little bit of Phosphor-moments after listening to the track, too. ;-)

    You are welcome

  • Phosphor Track "Symbiotic Flow"

    1 Mar 2008, 2:58

    "Symbiotic Flow" is the attempt to describe something (maybe a flowing substance - it´s to you) in 3 states of aggregation. The last one is beautilful i hope, but it cannot exist for a long duration. Have a nice weekend. paan
  • Aures Track "Aures"

    1 Mar 2008, 2:57

    "Aures" (engl. Ears, dtsch. Ohren) is the most experimental track, i ever composed. I am really interested, about your reaction on "Aures". Sit down and try to relax.... paan
  • Phosphor Track "Le Sommeil (Der Schlaf)"

    1 Mar 2008, 2:55

    This is my new Track "Le Sommeil 1937 (Salvador Dali)" It´s a painting from Salvador Dali and this one is the attempt, to interpret this painting on my way. Put on your Headphones, make it loud as possible and enjoy..........perhaps.. ;-) .....otherwise sorry for time...... paan
  • Happy new Year '08

    1 Ene 2008, 1:25

    Happy new Year 08. Thank you very much for listening and writing to my page...It was a great year in '07... ....lets groove the hole next year to make it the best!! ;-)

  • Es fängt wieder an...

    19 Dic 2006, 18:12

    Heute Abend wird es wohl zum Unausweichlichen kommen. Mein erster neuer Track "Le Sommeil 1937 Salador Dali" ist fast fertig. Nach nun fast 10 Jahren kreativer Pause bestehe ich zur Zeit ausschließlich aus Tönen und Noten. Es ist das, was ich musikalisch empfinde, es ist der Groove, den ich versuche im Herzen zu bewahren, die Sehnsucht nach Wunderschönem und soll eine neue, andere Area für mich einleiten.

    Le Sommeil 1937 (Der Schlaf) Salvador Dali ist eine etwas andere Art der Bildinterpretation eines Kunstwerkes von Salvador Dali..Eine Bildbeschreibung auf meine ganz spezielle Weise. Der Schlafende, der auf diesem Gemälde dargestellt wird, sah nicht wirklich erfreut über seine eigene Existenz aus. Er möchte entfliehen, wenn er nur könnte.
    Ich habe versucht Ihn musikalisch dabei zu unterstützen ;-)

    Ich hoffe Euch gefällts....

  • Fifteen Years Later. . .

    17 Nov 2006, 16:36

    These are a little one of my oldest Songs. It is definitly completely strange to hear them now for me, because they are so diffrent from the sound, i produce today.....have some fun with these tracks, i have composed years before, long before the internet, or internet-radio-stations was invented yet. ...

    15 years are not are much time nevertheless, or?

    Now are my guests for the next 15 years...