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13 Oct 2005, 21:05

Is it just me, but all three albums by Crosby Nash are just as good as any Crosby Stills Nash album. In fact the latest double CD released last year is one of the best ever from this genre.


  • ritchiem4812

    i really love CSN(Y) so i'd love to hear some Crosby and Nash.

    11 Dic 2005, 20:29
  • captainjjb

    It's great, please try it out and tell me what you think. I would probably start with the 2004 Crosby and Nash double CD. Then maybe go back to the original David Crosby and Graham Nash CD (blimey, these guys never did the best album titles). After that you've got Wind on the Water, and finally Whistling down the wire. There is also some live matierial, maybe less interesting.

    11 Dic 2005, 20:52
  • ritchiem4812

    i have looked and looked at all the stores around me and i can find nothing

    12 Dic 2005, 23:57
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