• The Zelda Song by Metal Thug

    7 Jun 2007, 16:25

    Metal Thug is here! Everyone rejoice.
    Our first real song is The Zelda Song, and it can be listened to here:


    Just look to the right of the page, under songs. You'll find Princess Zelda Hates You, which is basically the electric version, played clean and without vocals. Then you get the dirty distortion version, complete with all the words. It's your new favourite song.

    Next up, we have the world exclusive The Zelda Song video. The video is a bit different again, as this time the song is played on an acoustic, and the tune is played through entierly twice, although the song is actually only sung the second time around. Glorious:


    Coming soon! Another song, and maybe even Metal Thug T-Shirts. Haha!
  • Video Games! Yeah!

    18 Oct 2006, 18:48

    My friend gave me some songs from the soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII. They're so cool. I can't stop listening to them (except, of course, when I listen to Manowar...). They have even inspired me to dust off the old Playstation and take FFVII out for another spin.
    I've also been in a right royal White Zombie mood these past few days. I'm not talking Astrocreep, here. I'm talking the groovy riffs and funky rhythms of La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1.
    I have to admit, I've been enjoying the sounds of that record for many years. It's probably my all-time favourite record. I like it even more than I like any single Manowar album. It's a shame Rob Zombie went all crap in the mid-late 90s. Damn him.
  • Manowar.

    30 Sep 2006, 19:41

    What a fucking excellent band.
  • Masquerade

    20 Sep 2006, 11:34

    I got a new Running Wild album. Masquerade!
    It was released in 1995 and it's excellent (of course).
    I got the new Maiden album a few weeks back too. Its excellent as well! Hurrah!
    Now all I need is for Manowar to get up off their arses and release their new album, instead of delaying it again and again and again. Booo!
    There's been news of a new Finntroll record coming for about the past year and a half as well, but still absolutley no details. At least they got their new singer sorted out though.
    That's all for now from me!
  • Silly!

    18 Ago 2006, 0:37

    Something seems wrong listening to a Mr Men record, then following it immediately with Jailbait by Motorhead.
    Oh well!

    Teenage baby, you're a sweet young thing!
    Still tied to mommy's apron strings!
    I don't even dare to ask your age!
    It's enough to know you're here back-stage!

    Love that young stuff!
  • Jason's Song

    7 Ago 2006, 23:39

    I've written a song. It's all about Jason, for those of you who know him. J2 for those who are picky about it.
    Here it is!:

    Jason's Song

    Hol, You!
    Ya great big poo!
    You've never made a basket,
    You've never worn a shoe.
    You've never been to Zanzibar
    Or been to Timbuctoo.
    You've never had a sex change,
    You've never lived with mice.
    You've never been a melon,
    You've never grown rice.
    You don't know Andy Peters,
    You've never bought a boat.
    You've never shot a lion,
    Or even tamed a goat.
    But one thing that you have done
    Is make a royal stink
    That time you did a jobby
    In the bathroom sink.
  • Blackbird, I'll 'ave thee!

    29 Jul 2006, 13:56

    I'm going to start a skiffle band. Any one who wants to join probably can.
  • My calculator is too big to fit in my pocket.

    16 Jul 2006, 19:23

    I really like Kraftwerk.
    I haven't been listening to half as much Manowar as I should have been. A problem that will be seen to over the next week.
    Also, Rhapsody of Fire? Piss off, please. It's plain old Rhapsody for me.
  • My Favourites!

    1 Jun 2006, 16:24

    Out of boredom I decided to compile a list of my top five favourite bands, my top ten tracks by each band, and my favourite album by each band too.
    This is in no real order, but if you didn't already know, Manowar are my favourite band by far. If this offends you, piss off.


    Albums Owned By Me:
    Battle Hymns
    Into Glory Ride
    Hail to England
    Sign of the Hammer
    Fighting the World
    Kings of Metal
    Triumph of Steel
    Louder than Hell
    Hell on Wheels
    Hell on Stage
    Warriors of the World

    My Favourite Album:
    Into Glory Ride

    Top Ten Tracks:
    Battle Hymn, Gates of Valhalla, Defender, Bridge of Death, Dark Avenger, Blow Your Speakers, Hail And Kill, Brothers of Metal pt.1, Thor (The Powerhead), Blood of My Enemies.

    Iron Maiden:

    Albums Owned By Me:
    Iron Maiden
    The Number of the Beast
    Piece of Mind
    Somewhere in Time
    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    No Prayer for the Dying
    Fear of the Dark
    The X-Factor
    Virtual XI
    Brave New World
    Dance of Death

    My Favourite Album:

    Top Ten Tracks:
    Killers, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Die With Your Boots on, Flash of the Blade, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Wasted Years, The Evil That Men Do, Hooks In You, Futureal, Flight of Icarus.

    Running Wild:

    Albums Owned By Me:
    Under Jolly Roger
    Port Royal
    Death or Glory
    Blazon Stone
    Pile of Skulls
    Black Hand Inn
    The Brotherhood
    Rogues en Vogue

    My Favourite Album:
    Death or Glory

    Top Ten Tracks:
    Running Blood, Marooned, Death or Glory, White Masque, Rolling Wheels, Under Jolly Roger, Raise Your Fist, Lead or Gold, The Pirate Song, Calico Jack.

    Old Man's Child:

    Albums Owned By Me:
    Born of the Flickering
    The Pagan Prosperity
    Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion
    Revelation 666
    In Defiance of Existence

    My Favourite Album:
    Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion

    Top Ten Tracks:
    Funeral Sword & Souls, The Dream Ghost, Demonical Possession, My Evil Revilations, The Soul Reciever, Behind the Masque, Doommaker, Return of the Night Creatures, Phantoms of Mortem Tales, World Expiration.


    Albums Owned By Me:
    Midnattens Widunder
    Jaktens Tid

    My Favourite Album:

    Top Ten Tracks:
    Fodosagen, Skogens Hamnd, Jaktens Tid, Kitteldags, Rivfader, Fiskarens Fiende, Trollhammaren, Svartberg, Det Iskalla Trollblodet, Midnattens Widunder.

    So there you have it. Make of this list what you will. No complaining that I didn't include YOUR favourite track, mind you. This is MY favourites, remember that.

    Cap'n Teeth.
  • Manowar Manowar!

    27 May 2006, 12:35

    Where are all the Scottish Manowar fans?
    Come on people, join up!

    I met a guy with the Sign of the Hammer tattooed on his arm! Hail to Manowar!