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29 Dic 2011, 20:12

Raster Noton have dominated my year putting out some seriously heavy weight releases. I've also spent much of the year delving into my old vinyl so have missed out on a lot of new stuff. That being said, here are my favourites for the year. I'll give them numbers as they go from most listened to least but that has no baring on one being better that the other.

1.Jenny Hval - Viscera. My most listened to album for this year. Absolutely sublime. Also contains 2 of my favourite songs of the year.
2.Kangding Ray - OR. First of the RN releases in here and a wonderful follow up to his last.
3.Emika - Emika. Dubstep influenced pop without being to close to the former.
4.Hauschka & Hildur Guðnadóttir - Pan Tone. Gleaned from a live performance this brings together one of my favourite artists and one I've always been indifferent about. together though they create some magic and I love it.
5.Peaking Lights - 936. Beautifully lo-fi psychedelic music.
6.Origamibiro - Shakkei. Wonderfully detailed and emotive music from this UK art collective.
7.Æthenor - En Form For Blå. Probably the first cd I bought this year but definitely money well spent.
8.Robert Lippok - Redsuperstructure. Only just released but instantly a favourite.
9.Grouper - A I A Alien Observer/Dream Loss. Liz we love you Liz we do.
10.Tim Hecker - Ravedeath 1972. Okay, so not my favourite but still a brilliant Tim Hecker record. i get the feeling it will grow on me.
11.Julia Holter - Tragedy. High art concept album on the grandest scale but fuck me it's very very good.
12.Subjex - Echo System. good old slice of IDM from the schematic label.
That's al I can think of at the moment, maybe I'll add some more at some point.

Signing out.



  • skerzo

    Nice. I see a few things here i've been contemplating getting which always makes a list much more interesting than when its the same as your own! What old vinyl were you listening to? I must listen to the kangding ray more, i loved the ep that came before it but think i was a bit daunted by the weight of a whole album! Chuffed you liked the emika, been following her since the first ep so there weren't many surprises when the album came out, i knew it'd be sweet. Couldn't agree more with what you wrote about hecker, its appearance in many lists definitely suggests it deserves more attention. Gave the peaking lights a few listens but never got into it, my one word review would read 'stodgey'! Am gonna go off and check the Oragamibiro and Subjex on emusic now.

    12 Ene 2012, 20:30
  • skerzo

    Got the Origamibiro, the samples sounded loverly...

    13 Ene 2012, 13:43
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