00s 100 times better than iron maiden 100 times bigger than the beatles acoustic agent orange almost forgotten amazing guitar ambient aoty atmospheric avant-garde awesome guitar jams baixar bands i have seen live bands that i like more than i like you beautiful best idlewild song blacker than the blackest black times infinity brain food britpop chillout comedy coolest bandname ever cover epic er exotic favorite artists favorite guitarists favourite for rainy days friday night lights fucking amazing fucking awesome full throttle gay tony good for driving around in a truck good shit groove gta v gta vice city guilty pleasures guitar guitar hero hit the lights i am confused i creamed my pants listening to this i detect massive win in this song i love this song i should listen to these more idlewild iloveyoufuckingsong indie indie pop instrumental kyussfamilytree love makes me okay makes me wanna punch people for fun makes me wanna punch the vocalist to make him shut the fuck up melancholy music for a high-speed car chase music that i like more than i like you music to listen to high musical geniuses musical madness my new favourite bands my new favourite music new stuff to check out no words can describe nostalgia oh anthony orgasmic original paris pat benatar is playing at my house peaceful psychedelic relaxed not bored robot unicorn attack scottish rock shit ska favorites soft rock songs that you can just listen once sound devastation stoner garage and dirt type rock or something like it stoner rock stuff i love at the moment sweet the most beautiful song ive ever heard in my life this stuff could move mountains tony hawk total mars volta ripoff what the hell was i thinking when i listened to this crap windows vista sample music younger days