for iPhone and iPod Touch version 2.1.0 released


5 Jul 2009, 22:10 for iPhone and iPod Touch version 2.1.0 is now available on iTunes. Here's what's new:

• Add/remove tags for artist, albums, and tracks
• Recommend music to friends via email on iPhoneOS 3.0
• Optionally use low-bitrate streaming over cellular networks to improve performance
• Reduced buffering times over EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi
• Fix a crash that could occur when viewing event details
• Fix a bug that would prevent songs from playing to completion before starting the next song
• Fix a crash that could occur while scrolling the Recently Playlist list on iPhoneOS 3.0
• Additional minor bug fixes

Note: This update was originally released as 2.0.2, however there was an issue with running this version on firmware 2.x. We've re-released the update as version 2.1.0 which should work on both firmware 2.x and 3.0. for iPhone and iPod Touch is available in the iTunes Store in the US, UK, and Germany. To install the update, click "Check for updates" at the bottom of your iTunes Applications list, or tap the Updates tab of the App Store on your device.


  • zexpe

    I have the same problem with firmware 2.2.1

    6 Jul 2009, 13:59
  • c99koder

    A last-minute change seems to have broken firmware 2.x compatibility. We are working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, if you updated on your computer you should still have the older version in your iTunes library folder under Mobile Applications. You can reinstall the previous version by dragging 2.0.1.ipa into iTunes.

    6 Jul 2009, 15:25
  • 3rdparty

    Curious why this isn't offered in the Canadian iTunes store? I'm a subscriber.

    7 Jul 2009, 22:18
  • c99koder

    The record labels currently only allow us to stream to mobile devices in the US, UK, and Germany.

    7 Jul 2009, 22:25
  • ppslim

    Bugs seen in this version. (on os3) When viewing a events calendar, the list button show me calendar view and calendar shows me list view. Although I can't readily replicate it, starting a new station and switching between search types and the going back to the from page occasionally causes the search type buttons to remain at the top between the logout and now playing buttons. I do have to say streaming is now significantly better over wifi. Not seeing as many failures to buffer (except one, which I have narrowed to a hotspot) Features I would like to see. Ability to play playlists, or at least see contents so i ca access similar artists. Functionality to play similar artists to current streaming track, and see current tracks tags to select and stream

    10 Jul 2009, 22:33
  • c99koder

    Playlists are already available, however they're a subscriber-only feature. Similar artists and tags are also already available, tap the I icon at the top-right of the now playing screen to flip the artwork over and view the track / artist info.

    10 Jul 2009, 23:53
  • ppslim

    Oooh, nice. I can't see within the feature list if this is supposed to be possible. However I am certainly getting inconsistent results. When streaming, the display remains on. In the music player mode in the iPod, this normally only happens when power is applied. It appears to be random if the streaming will continue if the iPod will continue to stream if the lock button is depressed on the top. More often than not, streaming will stop, but maybe one in ten times, the audio will continue to stream. I would prefer it to continue, so I can lock the display and prevent accidental button presses.

    11 Jul 2009, 12:54
  • Groll-FX

    I can´t load the app in the german itunes store. It always says its not available. I just loaded it a few days ago on a friends iphone. Any informations about when it will be available again?

    14 Jul 2009, 13:33
  • Groll-FX

    Mööp, works again, looks like there have been a change, since there are new screenshots now. Thanks anyway! ;]

    14 Jul 2009, 18:06
  • IfYouLoseIt

    i just downloaded the app on my ipod touch but it doesn't work. when i want to open it, there's just "" on the screen for a sec but that's it. of course it can't scrobble as it don't know my account but where can i type that in? it doesn't open at all and i already deleted it several times, but it's still the same....

    14 Jul 2009, 19:53
  • c99koder

    We've released an update to fix the crash on firmware 2.x, it should be available on iTunes in the next few hours. The new version number of this update is [b]2.1.0[/b].

    15 Jul 2009, 22:38
  • serendipitiesz

    to c99koder - is negotiating with record labels to get permission to stream to mobiles in other countries than Germany, UK and US? Especially now that subscription is no longer free, it would really be worth the monthly fee to have on my iPhone as well!

    17 Jul 2009, 13:26
  • AmsterdamBoomer

    Any news when the app comes available in the Netherlands ?

    17 Jul 2009, 22:16
  • Ateo

    Useless without scrobbling..

    21 Jul 2009, 16:04
  • seattlescott

    Great app! Just installed, and works fine on my new Touch. The only limitation I see so far is that the display doesn't time out. This is wasteful of battery life.... Doesn't appear to be any way for me to control this. Hopefully this will be fixed in a later release? Also it would be nice if I could jump to other iPod functions without this app turning off....

    26 Jul 2009, 18:00
  • c99koder

    @seattlescott: You can turn on display sleeping by going into the Settings app, tapping, and then turning off "Disable auto-lock".

    26 Jul 2009, 18:09
  • ketchupfreak88

    Is iPod scrobbling not possible?

    26 Jul 2009, 20:31
  • ditechspain

    I'm trying to install the LastFm on an Ipod Touch. Whenever I try installing it from the Itunes shop, it says it can't be done and starts giving me hints on problems with windows vista installations. however I'm using a macBook and OSx. I've never used the Itunes store before. Any clues?

    10 Ago 2009, 18:54
  • michaelphipps

    Will this be available in Australia in the near future?

    13 Ago 2009, 8:51
  • akrde

    Any news about the "insufficient content" problem? Is all the content back again for the iphone/ipod touch app?

    31 Ago 2009, 11:50
  • ArnStar

    i just want to scrobble from my iphone. don't care about streaming.

    12 Sep 2009, 2:56
  • arnjeir

    When will this be available for other countries??

    1 Oct 2009, 22:29
  • tonilou

    Will the application scrobble locally played files? Is this a matter of Apple not allowing background applications or something?

    12 Nov 2009, 18:18
  • c99koder

    That's correct, this app does not scrobble due to the iPhone / iPod Touch not supporting background applications. You can use our desktop software to scrobble your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    12 Nov 2009, 19:06
  • eselv73

    I think the iScrobble app allows background scrobbling through some indirect method, but its a paid app

    20 Nov 2009, 19:44
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