• lost_johnny

    Wow, much better... Haven't played many tracks (yet), but the app feels much more stable and 'snappy'. I even dared to press the 'event', 'bio' and 'Similar Artists' buttons. Transition between songs is smooth. Only the down-timer to the right sometimes shows 0:00 already, while the song still plays. I never paid any attention to such details in the desktop app, so it might not be a iPhone.app only problem. Thanks... now for version 1.1 or a big leap to version 2.0???

    19 Ago 2008, 19:40
  • lost_johnny

    addition to down-timer remark: The progress-bar is right (still not at the end, when downtimer indicates 0:00) Noted this on a long track (6:50 minutes), and the next song had apperently already buffered quite a lot, as it started instantly (which is nice by the way).

    19 Ago 2008, 19:53
  • c99koder

    This is due to the song length being incorrect in our database. Sometimes the audio tracks we stream don't quite match up with the album data we have, so the song lengths will occasionally be incorrect.

    19 Ago 2008, 21:54
  • c99koder

    @Chado82: We've got some major improvements in store that we'll be announcing soon

    19 Ago 2008, 23:17
  • Llwyden

    Works great, what's there, but I'm a little confused - in the original version, I could play my playlist, but since the 1.0.1 upgrade, that's no longer an option. I get "My Library", but no "My Playlist". Has it been removed?

    23 Ago 2008, 14:10
  • c99koder

    @Llwyden: playlists are only available to subscribers

    23 Ago 2008, 15:02
  • Llwyden

    ...That'll remind me to re-up my sub! Can't believe I forgot. Thank you!

    23 Ago 2008, 15:32
  • sopor6

    I just went to try my lastfm on my ipod at a bookstore! And my ipod will not work with the at@t wifi? Is there a bug with lastfm I need to fix?

    23 Ago 2008, 17:32
  • c99koder

    @sopor6: You may need to open Safari on your iPod first and login to the AT&T WiFi portal before your iPod is allowed to access the internet.

    23 Ago 2008, 19:28
  • pchriley

    On my iPhone 3G I find tracks stop and need to re-buffer mid-way through. I also get a number of 'failed' plays.

    24 Ago 2008, 8:37
  • sopor6

    How can I listen to my lastfm without going to a place with wifi! Do you have to go and get in the car abd stop at a place to place to listen to it!!

    24 Ago 2008, 18:19
  • billhughlett

    FRUSTRATING!! Over three different broadband Wi-Fi networks - cable at home, a T3 at work and T1 at a friend's office, I can't get through one song on my iPhone without two, three or more major "buffering" sessions before it then usually goes to the "Playback Failed" error message which requires starting over again from scratch. What am i missing?? The website experience is wonderful....what's the deal with the app? :-( Any ideas would be appreciated.

    24 Ago 2008, 21:53
  • sopor6

    How do i scrob on my ipod to lastfm?

    26 Ago 2008, 19:43
  • BlurCore

    Very sad, even with the updated version 1.0.2 this iPod-Last.FM-client crashes over and over again. Sometimes it doesn't crash for half an hour but then it appears 4 times in a row -mostly if it tries to load the next song ... it says: "Playback Failed An error occured while trying to play this track. Please try again shortly." -in the message the second "r" in occurred is missing :P (a real error-message haha) Anyway, I press the "ok"-button and I return to the app but nothing happens. If I press "next song" it crashes and bring me back to the mainscreen with my app-icons ... I really hope that there will be an update soon, an update which mainly fixes the crashing-problem. Suggestions for the design-layout: - covers in the foreground - bigger icons in the "play"/"stop"/"like"/"dislike" menu these once are pretty small and don't want to work every time. Cheers -BC PS: Good work on the app anyway, and thanks for making it for free :)

    27 Ago 2008, 14:55
  • paulejones

    hey c99koder, is it possible to have the lyrics back? I do miss them from MobileScrobbler, it was the only thing that got my wife interested in my music collection! You'd me helping my marriage, you wouldn't want anything to happen would you? ;-)

    31 Ago 2008, 19:14
  • c99koder

    Unfortunately lyrics had to be removed for legal reasons.

    31 Ago 2008, 19:47
  • cryptcrown

    i will be use this beta

    3 Sep 2008, 2:41
  • c99koder

    Yes, the audio stream is 128kbit/s. There's also a bit more bandwidth being used to fetch the metadata / artwork etc.

    5 Sep 2008, 14:57
  • laurentlasalle

    Something weird is happening. I've decdided to “come back” to Last.fm but couldn't remember my password. I just reseted it moments ago, but I am unable to connect via my iPhone; what the hell? o_O

    7 Sep 2008, 15:10
  • henrydinh

    Do you why there's no sound on the iPhone even though the screen is showing the track is playing

    20 Sep 2008, 0:12
  • scotticus

    i'm having the same problem as henrydinh... any word yet on what's causing it?

    24 Sep 2008, 5:11
  • c99koder

    Yes, version 1.0.2 is not compatible with firmware 2.1. We have submitted an update to Apple and are waiting for them to approve it.

    24 Sep 2008, 5:12
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