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12 Dic 2009, 4:31

After some thought, this list will eventually cease to be updated as known here. I have taken on some responsibility with another project and this release list will be continued on there. The project is The Soda Shop. It's an online radio station for the best stoner, sludge and doom music (and other related music). It can be found at

After writing my Album Of The Year journal ( and getting a decent response I thought I'd put together a new release list. This list will be a collaboration of release dates found throughout the web. I get my information from various sites on the internet including rock blogs/websites, Myspace and Facebook pages and sometimes from the bands themselves. It'll be listed Band, album name if known and release date or general time frame. If anyone has any information they'd like to share please go ahead and leave a shout or send me a message. This journal will be updated as new information is released. This journal in no way should be the end all of all release lists. Things happen and releases get pushed back all the time. I'll reflect the changes as I get the information. Enjoy!

Black Label Society - TBD June 2010
Black Pyramid - Vinyl Split With Old One - 2010
Black Pyramid - Vinyl 7" split with Ten Speed Warlock - Janurary 2010
Black Pyramid - Vinyl Split 10" with Rituals of the Oak - 2010
Brain Police - TBD
The Brought Low - Third Record - Out now on iTunes - May 2010
Chrome Division - TBD 2010
Clutch - (Live Album) - Mid 2010
Cortez - TBD
Dali's Llama - Mid/Late 2010
Dixie Witch - TBD
Fireballs of Freedom - MArch/April 2010
Five Horse Johnson - TBD 2010
Grand Magus - Hammer Of The North - Spring/Early Summer 2010
Iron Maiden - TBD 2011
Low of the Low - Mid 2010
The Machine - Drie - March 2010
Orange Goblin - TBD 2010
Red Fang TBD
Red Giant - Summer/Fall 2010
Sasquatch - III - Now on iTunes/March 2010
Solice - Mid 2010
Stone Axe - ii March/April 2010
Stone Temple Pilots - May 2010
Sun Gods in Exile Second Album Mid/Late 2010
SuperGiant - TBD - 2010
The Sword - Mid 2010
Venomin James - Crowe Valley Blues - Early 2010
Venomin James - (3rd Album) TBD


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    thanks a lot bro.

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